See, I was about to forget again!

There was something else exciting that happened and I can’t remember what it was. A stomachache? A free box of Rasinettes? I really can’t remember when I actually sit down and try to scribble it down. My memory isn’t what it used to be and I’m not helping it any with my poor sleep habits.

I was thinking that maybe the things I don’t talk about are the things I care the most about, but you could disprove that by finding things I don’t care about that I don’t talk about. Vintage Falcons. Real falcons of the genus Falco. The Atlanta Falcons. Not too interested in any of those, really, and never mentioned them before now. In any case, the excitement (or lack thereof) in my life has nothing to do with those things. Well at least not yet. Who knows? I do kind of like Peregrine Falcons and football season is coming up.

Wow, more than a month of nothing!

A friend from the gym asked if I’d been taking a blogging break, and certainly I had. Mainly because there was nothing happening. The most exciting things I can think of are the concrete guy calling me back after a month-and-a-half to look at redoing my driveway, and finding out that the rent for a small furnished apartment in Tokyo is a lot more than I first thought. My brand new FABULOUS laptop continues to be FABULOUS, but I still haven’t sold my old laptop and it’s just sitting in my room. And, since I’m not all that bright, I may even buy ANOTHER laptop next year. (Still single, still no kids, so that means more laptops for me.)

Lots of things have happened to my friends but I wonder if I shouldn’t leave their stories for them to tell. One bought a house (and I helped introduce her to the WASTE TRANSFER STATION, a glorious outing that culminated in the funner-than-you-think task of “pitching shit out of the back of your truck”. And there’s a glorious lightness you feel when you’re rid of that junk that was taking up space in your garage. Another friend is getting married this week and I’m one of the few who were invited. And sadly, a work friend’s partner passed away altogether too young.

So I suppose it’s been an eventful summer and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.