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I need to simplify my life.

I need to simplify my life and by life I really just mean my banking. I have a stack of credit cards (most of which sit idle most of the time) and several bank accounts. Paying the cards sometimes means I have to shuffle the money around the accounts in some sort of weird ritualistic manner at some late hour where I’m not completely paying attention to what I’m doing and that means I have enough money SOMEWHERE but the account doesn’t get paid because of delays or mistakes on my part. I love banking penalties, so I get to pay hundreds of dollars (or at least one hundreds of … Continue reading

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Woe is me (or at least my bank account).

I just got my most recent VISA bill and it was much more horrific than I was expecting. Perhaps “horrific” isn’t the proper word, but it pointed out that I had a month of utter gluttony behind me. And my FABULOUS new laptop isn’t even on it (nor is my hotel room). I have a feeling that I’m going to be seeing more horrific VISA bills in the future. My AT&T contract is up again, and that means I got to unlock my iPhone 4. So now I have an unlocked iPhone 4 and an unlocked iPhone 4S so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to have cheaper cell phone … Continue reading

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So many ways to waste all my time.

I wish I could say I had nothing interesting going on, but I spent last week in beautiful San Francisco at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, filling my head full of things that have nothing to do with my job. Included in that was seeing my friend Megan before she left for LA and eating and drinking way more than I should have. I mean, seriously, look at what I ate the first day with Megan and Nadeem. (Yes, lunch was Umami Burger). Oh, and click at the images at your own peril, I didn’t bother to shrink them. Of course I got up early for the keynote, even though I … Continue reading

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