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Woo, is there really nothing interesting going on in my life?

I have to admit that I’m OK with having a fairly dull life most of the time. Sitting at home, in front of the radio, sending Morse code to weird countries and waiting for a postcard that confirms that I talked to that country is something I like to do. Paying way too much money to replace electrical and lighting fixtures in the house is another thing I like to do. Those are activities that are much better when they’re a little dull as “exciting” might mean “electrocution” or “lightning strikes.” I did go to a wedding on Memorial Day, which sounds like a weird thing to do but I … Continue reading

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My mom is back!

I’m incredibly happy to see my mom back but I’m probably going to gain back the 5 lbs I lost when she was gone. I half-assed a weight lost challenge at the gym but I did lose some weight. Oddly enough, the biggest loss came on the day after I ate the two Big Macs. Most of the time, though, I ate less at lunch and dinner and that isn’t going to happen with my mom home. She buys food like she’s going to eat it like a normal person, but she eats like a bird and gives me the leftovers. Plus, I had a steak, an elk burger, and … Continue reading

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Well today was kind of an off day. Off from the gym, off from work after about 10AM. Last night at about 1:30AM I woke up with stomach pains. I do what I usually do, which is roll over and go back to sleep. After rolling over several more times, I finally had to get up and take what I often think is some sort of Japanese placebo called “That’s 21”. Or at least that’s what I think it’s supposed to mean (the label is in Japanese after all). I got up and went to work as usual, but started feeling lousy around 9-ish so I cut the day short. … Continue reading

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So darn tired.

Last week I was tired most of the time and sore from the gym and yesterday I couldn’t get to sleep. Now I’m back to just about passing out and, at the same time, staying up late. I bought a direction finding antenna to locate the source of the power line noise in the neighborhood. I think I narrowed it down to a pole, but I have to get the attention of the power company to fix it. I’m about to buy yet another toy to narrow it down even more. Walking around carrying a big antenna isn’t really making me look like a normal person, but the noise is … Continue reading

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Someone needs to stop me.

It’s about the time for my yearly Big Mac and I’m dead tired and I wasn’t having the best of days (even though it wasn’t all that awful, either) so I gave into my craving. Besides, I’ve found that if I was to go to a fancy restaurant to get a higher-class of hamburger (and there are some tasty ones in Portland) not only would I be consuming more calories, I’d probably also be sitting next to ANOTHER FIRST DATE and I did that once this week¬†already. I’m skipping the fancy for now. But I just ate TWO Big Macs. I did a few calculations and a Big Mac lists … Continue reading

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