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Life’s not fair.

Our family never did celebrate Xmas that much (not being Xtians) and nowadays I really only get gifts for my sister and brother-in-law and don’t expect all that much either. I did get myself a bit of a present this month when I got a new car, and I also got a t-shirt and some really good cookies. But what I really got on Xmas day was a fever, chills, and diarrhea. I suppose the true gift was that I didn’t get the vomiting that a lot of my co-workers said they also got. The fever broke in 36 hours, but five days later I’m still not seeing any normalcy … Continue reading

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I should stay off the intarwebs.

I knew getting a Prius is kind of douchey. Well, not douchey, but probably kind of self-important. Well, maybe not self-important, but it also lumps me in with a lot of whackadoodles and I’ve sure found a lot of them on the intarwebs. I’m not sure why I spent the last hour reading arguments about why Toyota should be sued because you can’t run the Prius with NO GAS, just like it says in the manual. Sure it’s a hybrid, but it’s a frigging gas-powered car. You put gas in, you go. No gas, no go. Pretty simple to me, but there are nut bags arguing about it until they’re … Continue reading

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Forgetting to be forgetful.

I really only have ONE PRESCRIPTION DRUG that I need to take and it’s probably keeping me alive. So why is it that for the past two weeks I KEEP FORGETTING TO TAKE MY MEDICINE? Sheesh. Well, I am getting old. I have to leave notes to myself to remember to do SIMPLE THINGS like putting away my laundry or cleaning the bathroom. Actually I suppose I’m just avoiding things I don’t want to do right away and I need the reminders to get me off my fat football-watching ass. I should take a cue from my brother-in-law and just put EVERYTHING on a list including things like “eat lunch”. … Continue reading

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WTF? Over.

I haven’t been to the gym since last Thursday because I was feeling a little off on Saturday and Monday. Not really bad, but just a little off. Today I was TIRED AS HELL at the gym and stumbled around afterwards, getting home a half-hour after I usually do. I think I’d be walking around in circles if I had the energy. So I guess I as a little off. So rather than sleep typing, I should probably just sleep. My life is exciting as always.

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The opposite of working out.

I felt kind of puny today. Not really sick, but not really well. Kind of like I’d rather not go to the gym and wonder if my lunch really was worth seeing again, or if I really wanted to sit around in shorts while other people worked out. I actually started feeling sick on Friday evening, before the start of THE WEEKEND OF TRANSFERRING MY SISTER’S DATA where I “got” to help her transfer data from her old PC to her shiny new MacBook Pro. I certainly skipped going to the gym on Saturday morning, felt better Sunday (while I remotely continued THE WEEKEND OF TRANSFERRING MY SISTER’S DATA) but … Continue reading

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Up late AGAIN.

My car is probably going to be confusing me for weeks. I spent a lot of time today trying to figure out how to unlock the back hatch. I finally figured out where the buttons were, but it took several tries. I still forget to turn the car off and yesterday I even forgot to lock the doors. My Civic would lock itself automatically after a while and I guess I was expecting the same with my new car. It’s a bit of a mess, really. I also really don’t know how the map works. Right now I have a trial subscription to xmradio. I think my Civic had some … Continue reading

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I got my Prius!

I have to say that Broadway Toyota has been pretty easy to deal with. This is the third vehicle we’ve bought there and I was involved in the purchase of two of the and both times were pretty easy, most likely because our family doesn’t haggle. This time was even easier because I dealt with the Fleet Sales department through a Costco deal. I didn’t end up getting any money off, because I ordered a fairly rare top-of-the-line Prius. But I’ve been waiting since February, TEN MONTHS AGO and when I serendipitously found that they had what I wanted I bought it. On the minus side, the gadgets are many … Continue reading

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I found it!

I can’t believe some of the crap I lose. I know I had sixteen shares of HP stock that were actually on a physical piece of paper that I had stacked up with old phone bills on the floor of a spare bedroom. At least I had some idea where that was. I realized I hadn’t seen my car title since I bought it back in 2006, and now I need it so I can trade it in a new Prius. It was carefully placed in an unmarked folder and then thrown in the corner. What a mess. At least I found it and it only took about an hour. … Continue reading

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Monday, ugh.

Last week the local PBS station sent out a warning that they were doing maintenance on Sunday night. Fortunately, I was up this morning before my alarm went off and heard the difference between a radio that was off and a radio that was on a station with no audio. I did have to scrape ice off my car windows, but that wasn’t so bad. Still, Monday morning was like you’d expect Monday morning to be. Yesterday I did get both my ladders out and cleaned the gutter that is the least accessible. I have to put the ladders in my neighbor’s yard and even have to stick one in … Continue reading

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I finally got my ladder!

I’ve been wanting an aluminum extension ladder for a few years. I finally found that the local Ace Hardware store (Pearl Hardware) had the best price I could find. The problem was I had to figure out a way to get it home. I finally got my sister to help me move it and that should have meant it was time for me to clean the leaves out of the gutters on the garage. But no, it was freezing today and going to the gym just about killed me. So it was time to enjoy the knowledge that I now had the the ladder, but didn’t actually use it. Sounds … Continue reading

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Overthinking time.

The other night when I was having trouble getting to sleep, I think I realized that a lot of the noise in my bedroom was coming from the dehumidifier in the basement. When I got up I started thinking about how I was going to have it not come on in at night. I thought about using a clock-controlled switch of some sort, that ran a solid-state relay that I could get at the surplus electronics store. Then I started to think that the clock could be synchronized to one of the National Bureau of Standards clocks. Or maybe it could be computer controlled and I’d just use, say, an … Continue reading

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New network, same old nonsense.

I can’t believe I couldn’t get to sleep last night, but it was understandable. I was tired, it was late, but I was in the middle of trying to diagnose my network problems. I’ve started to rewire some things and my new intarweb provider is a cable company and not my phone company. So DSL degradation due to spectral interference is going to eliminate the viability of third-party providers so it was time to go to the cable company that I’ve been avoiding for years. I even had to cut my ties to my old ISP, a place I even worked at. It’s been TEN YEARS since I worked there, … Continue reading

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