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Doctor, doctor, give me the news.

I’m not sure what the worst part of getting old is. Maybe becoming invisible to attractive women, but I’ve always been invisible to attractive women and now maybe they’re actually seeing me and thinking, “Hey, I wonder if he knows my dad?” But beyond all the aches and pains I experience, I had another unpleasant reminder of my age today during my annual physical when I got my oil checked. I’m not sure what age that’s supposed to start and I thought it was 50 but it’s begun. Huh, I wonder if Google is silently dropping my emails. I don’t trust them either. In any case, I got my DSL … Continue reading

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Stupid running anyway.

Last year, the last run of the fall season was on a night that was about 41°F. Today, we had the same experience and my car said it was somewhere around 41°F. I complained bitterly last year but this year it wasn’t as bad. One of the reasons is probably because I was so tired by the time I had to run that I wasn’t feeling any pain, but really it’s because there was no wind today. Beyond that, I have nothing that interesting going on in my life besides questions as to why I’m running my own email server, etc. I guess one of the reasons is because I … Continue reading

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Stupid computers.

I wish I could tell you I had fun yesterday, but there was a lot of time spent transferring data from my brother-in-law’s old computer to his new computer. Now that I know how long it takes, I won’t have to sit around thinking it will be finished any sooner. Instead of telling you how much more time the whole thing would take, it told you how much time the very next step would take, over and over and over. It wasn’t all that interesting. Even better, I think Qwest/Centurylink is “improving” my service by making my DSL modem obsolete and that meant my servers were off the intarwebs at … Continue reading

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Cell phone mania!

I’m trying to track my mom’s flight from Japan. I have to get up at the same time I always do to drive out to PDX to pick her up tomorrow. It’ll be nice to see her home, but I wonder if she’ll like the cold wet weather. It looks like it was in the 60°F’s and sunny there. I was surprised that I didn’t have that much hassle upgrading to my new iPhone 4S. I paid (in scientific terms) a metric shit-ton for an official, unlocked phone from Apple and all I had to do is pop out the SIM card from my iPhone 4 and pop it into … Continue reading

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The best part about my recent feelings of impending doom is that they’re usually nothing. Maybe doom is looming but it’s not here right now. So I’m really too tired to think of much of anything. The workout at the gym was 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 kettlebell swings over and over until 20 minutes were up. For some reason, seeing it up on the board didn’t frighten me as much as anything that involves running around the building. If I know we’re running around the building, I get nervous, and it’s probably because those workouts make me want to pass out at times. The pullup/pushup/swing one is quite … Continue reading

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Viral unfairness.

I didn’t go to the gym this morning because my stomach felt funny. I wondered if I overdid it at Besaw’s last night, having two drinks with dinner plus dessert. As the morning continued, I realized that I was actually coming down with a cold rather than just being hung over. I just got over a Japanese cold, why am I getting an American one as well? I was so sick that watching football wasn’t that much fun. Weird. At least I finished my laundry. I went to my sister’s and had Killer Burger. It wasn’t as good as I remember, but still quite tasty. It’s not my favorite, but … Continue reading

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My stomach is going to hurt tomorrow.

I’ve eaten a bunch of junk lately and after skipping dinner last night for a fasting blood test I’m loading up with all sorts of crap. There was a convenient Mickey D’s on the way from the clinic to work, so I got a couple of Egg McMuffins, OJ, and some free coffee. You can imagine how that made me feel this morning, first lightheaded and then sleepy. Lunch wasn’t much better and was a special at Buffalo Wild Wings. Which leads to dinner. I wanted a Big Mac but I knew it usually gives me a stomach ache so I went to Jack-In-The-Box instead. Where I waited, and waited … Continue reading

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What a day.

I’m an old cranky guy who has a fairly set routine and I’m back to my old work and gym cycle. I’m not completely happy about it since I enjoyed my holiday more than being back at work, but that’s normal. The gym I go to is no longer a Crossfit gym, but it can still be pretty painful to take a few weeks off and come back into the daily routine. I get sore on a regular week, but it’s much worse after a break. And all that effort late in the day usually invigorates me and keeps me from getting to sleep on time. Today it finally caught … Continue reading

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Back on your heads.

Well, I made it back to work and back to the gym. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen after all that and sure enough, I sneezed and my entire lower abdomen started to cramp. It was a uniquely painful experience that I would like to never happen again. I think I can do that if I pick one of the following: Never go to the gym again. Never take three weeks off from the gym again, but I’ve had something like this happen when I’ve been regularly exercising sp this may not be an effective option. Never work on my abs again. Never sneeze again. I’m … Continue reading

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Another lazy weekend.

I woke up Saturday feeling a bit like crap. The biggest effect of my jet lag so far is waking up at 2AM thinking I’ll never get back to sleep, and then finally waking up when the alarm goes off. I had a bit of a cold while I was in Japan and came back with a cough which is nearly gone now. It was all just as well since it’s nice to have some time to rest after vacationing. Basically I just watched a bunch of football games and today I watched a bunch of teams I was rooting for lose. I guess that’s why they play the games. … Continue reading

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Back home!

Well, it’s about 2PM in Japan right now which makes it difficult to stay coherent because I’ve been up since 7AM YESTERDAY. I took a couple of 5-10 minute naps in the past 30 hours. I’m also missing my vacation already. I suppose that’s life. It was a beautiful day today, even though I never made it back outside after getting home. It was, however, in the 50’s and last week Nagasaki was in the 80’s. I didn’t even eat until dinnertime. I probably ate enough for the whole month the last couple of weeks anyway. All I did was go through a bunch of work email and do my … Continue reading

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Japan Day 15 – ^$*@%! Tokyo

This place is incredibly crowded and slightly annoying, especially to a guy who didn’t sleep real well because he was breathing smoke all evening. And the air here isn’t that great to begin with. Anyway, we spent the day shopping, as we like to do. I didn’t really buy all that much, but it was amusing nevertheless. I dragged my sister to Akihabara, which used to be known for its electronics shops but is now anime central. There’s a girl band based here and all sorts of “maid bars” but I showed my sister all the geek stuff I usually go see. We even made it to Thanko, also known … Continue reading

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