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Stupid old man.

I just felt like a washed up old man at the gym today. I was tired early, and trying to run outside in the windy 40°F weather was pure misery. I actually had to put on more clothing in the middle of the workout and I needed a hat. I even went to bed early yesterday and I felt more Monday morning malaise than usual. So why am I trying to watch episodes of Party Down, read through a dozen emails, 403 news items, and 249 tweets while also answering work email? I also have to watch the weekly episode of the web series Non-Esssential Personnel. I think I might be … Continue reading

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Getting things going.

I did very little today after getting up rather late. I think all the garlic I ate last night was finally catching up to me, and it caught up while I was sleeping. I’ve found it useful just to stay in bed when my stomach hurts, at least it gives me yet another reason to sleep in. But the lack of any real football games gave me time to take care of a bunch of little tasks that I’ve been putting off for weeks. Sanding the downstairs bathroom and priming, check. Priming the replaced outside shingles, check. Cleaning the shower, check. Putting in the bathroom coathook, check. Finally putting the … Continue reading

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Too much trust in my DVR.

I NEED MY FRINGE. I don’t really need Portlandia, so I’m not worried about that. For some reason my DVR didn’t pick up that there were new shows tonight and now I have to count on the shows replaying sometime soon. How sad that my life depends on TV shows and an iffy piece of electronics. Speaking of which, my Comcast internet connection seems a bit iffy as well. I love technology. Beyond that, I’m just doing whatever it is I’m doing, in whatever unorganized fashion I usually do it. Vague and aimless, that’s me.

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Chicken and egg.

The computer struggles continue. The onboard network is too new to be recognized by my system software and I want to try to add it, but it’s hard to get files onto the computer easily without a network connection. I think I’m going to need a lot of time with this monstrosity to get it working correctly. I had a heck of a time getting to sleep last night and I have no idea why. Perhaps it was because I had a 7AM appointment with a doctor. A dermatologist, actually. It was the easiest appointment I’ve ever had, since the parking lot was empty and the doctor didn’t take very … Continue reading

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OK, so the computer is almost working.

It now has a video card. Now to install something new enough so it actually works. Too bad I’m too stubborn to actually install Windows. I’m not sure there’s anything else interesting happening. I went to the gym and I didn’t die. That’s about it.

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So somehow I was convinced that the new processors made by a certain processor company are much faster. So I ordered a processor and a motherboard. They arrived today (stupid tracking told me they did) and so I went out and bought a new case, power supply, RAM, hard disk, and CD/DVD drive. I put it all together and went to plug in the video monitor when I realized, IT DIDN’T COME WITH BUILT-IN VIDEO. One of the biggest advancements in this processor is the graphics, but the motherboard has nothing that uses it. AAAIGH. Now I have to go out and find a video card before I can tell … Continue reading

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Still tired.

After sleeping eight hours, I still passed out during the third quarter of the NFC championship game, or as a gym friend said, “the sportsball match.” I guess I’m still tired from something or another and another week of that is about to start. Whatever. I did manage to move the doorbell around again, and now it’s closer to my office. One of these days I’ll figure out how to get it into the hallway and I can stop all the nonsense. Ah well, nothing much else going on. Just as well, but why couldn’t I be sick during a work day? I have sick days to take.

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Better than hallucination.

I got home from my twice-yearly gluttony with Il and went to bed right away. I was pretty tired. But I didn’t seem to sleep all that well and when I finally got up I wondered if I was just getting too old for the kind of excesses I’ve been used to. I cut down on the food and on the drinking, but maybe splitting a bottle of wine three ways and then having a dessert cocktail is too much now. All I had planned was to go to the gym and then crawl around in the attic today, but I didn’t get to any of that. I went back … Continue reading

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The reason I’m in a food coma.

Il’s birthday dinner at Ringside again. Woo.

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So tired.

I should probably stop reading so many RSS feeds and twitter. I’m not being as obsessive about Facebook, so I’m making slow headway, but I stay up way too late reading nonsense. I already read the crap printed in our local newspaper most days and listen to NPR. I also listen to several nonsense podcasts. I have to cut down. And why am I checking my sister’s blog for spam? Shouldn’t she be doing that? There are hard days at the gym and there are easy days. This has been a hard week. I feel so beat up right now and the best thing I could be doing is going … Continue reading

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Now what?

I had some half-baked theory I was going to expound on, but I think I’ve forgotten what it was. It probably wasn’t about fairy dust, but who knows? I am a step closer to getting my upstairs doorbell chime installed. I mail-ordered a bigger doorbell transformer and now I can run both sets of chimes with no problem. I can’t believe how much work I’ve done to get a second doorbell chime installed, and nobody ever comes here anyway. I suppose if I was holed up in my office upstairs and I got a package delivered I could hear the doorbell. And I do love my Amazon Prime. Ah well. … Continue reading

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My next big vacation.

I take a two week trip to Japan every year (or at least I’ve done it a lot lately) and pretty soon I think I’ll have eight weeks of vacation I can take at once. My current plan, which I came up with while drinking, is to get an apartment in Tokyo and waste a bunch of time there. I’ve never lived in Tokyo, and this could be a grand adventure. The other plan is to get the apartment in Osaka, because I’ve lived near there in the past and I like it better but, really, which has more adventure potential? Maybe I can live somewhere in the sticks instead. … Continue reading

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