Lots of exercise seminars.

I guess I don’t agree with all of the exercise seminars I go to, but Chip Conrad once pointed out something that Bruce Lee said, and Steve Maxwell also used the same quote:

”Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”


“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”

I don’t have a sport I’m training for, and there’s nothing I’m trying to be the best at. I just want to get through life in a little better shape and still eat those things I’m not supposed to eat. Heck, Steve Maxwell was talking about some awful and harmful diet drug that let a guy eat a whole ice cream cake every night and all I could think of is how tasty those Baskin-Robbins clown face cakes are.

I know eating enough calories for a whole week and then taking some kidney-killing drug is as ridiculous as my chance of winning the lottery, but I fantasize about that as well. I even buy tens of dollars of lottery tickets each year! I even fantasize about going out with women who don’t know I exist, because my super power is invisibility to attractive women. I know some of them just learn to face towards the sound of my voice that they can barely discern above the background noise, but in general I think I could be a spy. But my second super power is always getting caught at doing bad things, and my third super power is an inability to keep secrets.

Oh yeah. Super powers. I’m quite the catch.

I guess feeling poorly does affect your ball-slammy, dumbbell-snatchy times.

Today started out GREAT. A car wreck added 20 minutes to my usually 25 minute commute. Two of the three elevators at work were out because they wanted to paint the doorways. The bathroom by my office was closed so I had to walk across the building. And tomorrow we’re supposed to have a fire drill. Hooray for all of that.

Today we did the same ball slam/dumbbell snatch ladder that we did two weeks ago. This time I wasn’t DFL (though I was slower than I’d like) and took almost two minutes off my last time. The only difference was that I wasn’t feeling like throwing up the whole time (only part of the time). At least it’s an improvement.

Yet more evidence of why I hire people to work on the house.

I did some electrical work today that I know I’m capable of doing. However, replacing four outlets and seven switches and putting in four lighting fixtures took all afternoon. I think it could have taken longer but I ran out of parts.

I was tired today after another Steve Maxwell seminar yesterday. I enjoyed it but I heard a lot of complaints. It wasn’t a certification, but then again it didn’t seem like a normal clinic either. I guess the worst part was that it should been one or the other (or both) but it was neither. I suppose I got something out of it, so that’s about as much as I could ask for.

Finally made it back to the gym today.

I’m not sure why I’m so tired. I think I may not be 100% because I can’t have lost all my fitness in three days off, can I? Let’s see, what did we do? Six squats holding a heavy medicine ball then carrying it against our chests (making it hard to breathe) down to a cone and back. Then sprint to the corner, and then do a side plank for 45 seconds. Oh, we do that four times, and the medicine balls I used were 60#, 70#, 80# & 90#.

Then we did a rope climb, hip slap, and knee tuck combo. Rope climb without my feet. Hip slap is where you’re almost doing a handstand against the wall and then slap your hip with alternating hands. I think we did that three times?

Oh, we finished with burpees and squat hops.

I think I know why I’m tired. (Plus, I’m probably not 100% recovered yet.)

Sick again?

Well I didn’t make it through Monday, or go to work Tuesday, and I felt bad enough after work today to stay home from the gym. I’m not that sick but I seem to have what at least one of my co-workers did, where you just feel tired and not too horrible. A mild and miserable cold.

Having a mild and miserable cold just means there’s not much else going on. I’ve had enough time in front of my computer to start feeding my RFID obsession (trying to read some cards for no good reason when I know it’s just going to hold a serial number). That’s a nerd’s life, though.

Slight miscalculation.

I helped a buddy move today and I was thinking it would be fairly easy, and really it wasn’t that bad. The best part was the whole crew was from the gym and we’re used to lifting heavy things. Plus the guy moving is a Civil Engineer and has much more practical knowledge and spatial awareness. The thing I didn’t count on is that as a Civil Engineer, he has a lot better (and heavier) furniture than most of the people I’ve helped move in the past. There’s a tradeoff between good, heavy, and large furniture, and cheap, heavy, Ikea furniture. At least the Ikea furniture can be replaced easily if it’s broken. The better stuff can be repaired and restained.

I bought some more things for the house, including more lighting fixtures (floodlights for the back yard). Weird how I can spend hundreds of dollars for indoor lights, and only have to pay $20 for outdoor lights from Home Depot. I was too lazy to put them in, of course, but I did wire up my mom’s Washlet. I didn’t want to do too much before the painters were finished with whatever they’re doing. No need to put things in just to get paint on them.

Incredibly poor planning.

I had some plans for tonight. Boring minimal plans, but plans nonetheless. I’ve been sore all over all week because of THMFIC was on vacation to Hawaii and when he leaves for a week he usually cranks up the workouts. Anyway, my plan was to go to the gym (because I’m foolish) and then get to bed early. UNFORTUNATELY, we’re not only dog-sitting for my sister, but I’m also hiding her iPad (no that’s not a euphemism).

The only program I told her to buy for her iPad is Plants vs. Zombies. I’d never played it, but I’d heard a lot of good things about it. Well, I turned on her iPad and found the game and I didn’t look up for an hour. Fortunately I was able to break free and get on with my evening, however little was left and I really want to start playing again. So much for sleep; I may start playing again after I floss my teeth.

More pictures for my profile maybe?

I don’t take many pictures of myself, though I used to do the “camera at arms length while putting my arm around a cute Japanese woman” thing when I was in Japan. That was a while ago, and a lot more random when you had to actually put film in the camera and send it off to get it developed to see what the picture looked like. That’s why I had to ask the gym to see if they’d give me some pictures of me for my online dating profile. I still have a match.com account, for example, that needs updating. That site kind of bums me out, though, and I have yet to get a date there.

Here are some pictures.

So what does that show me? I’m an old sweaty Asian man who seems to squint a lot. Any comments on the pictures from the peanut gallery?

Much better, I think.

Something yesterday was much harder than I first realized, because my hamstrings are sore and I couldn’t do any ankles-to-bars because my abs were too sore. Other than that, the day was OK. People scheduled customer calls during the time I wanted to be at lunch, but that’s to be expected. Another bad $6 salad down my gullet.

I did spend quite a bit of time researching my RFID obsession. There’s data on my company ID badge and I want to know what it is. It started back when I got an ID card at a conference. This is going to require a very tiny soldering iron and a microscope to build the circuit board all so I can read a long number, I bet. A long and boring arbitrary serial number. I’m not sure why I even bother, but you know how obsessions are.

Today sucked, and I sucked.

I’m not dealing with the heat that well. I didn’t have to go outside for more than a couple of minutes today, but that was enough to suck the life out of me. I got home from work and passed out for a few minutes. I went to the gym and felt like throwing up most of the time until we did the workout, where I was DFL for the whole day. No one was slower than me. All I had for lunch was the small expensive salad at work, so that probably wasn’t to blame. I’m probably just falling apart.

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe I need to move to Antarctica.

Hey, those dates I went on a few weeks ago didn’t go anywhere. In fact, I can say more than one of the women has removed their profile and is not returning my emails. I’m hoping this means they found a nice guy and not something less interesting, like giving the hell up. That’s my usual tactic and it doesn’t seem to be working out. But my luck is all used up by not getting hit by meteors. You know how it is.

Mission accomplished!

I’ve been saying that I just want to spend the weekend sitting on my fat ass. I didn’t quite make it through the whole weekend, but I did spend all of today watching football. I suppose I did leave the house in the morning because I wanted to get my air hose connected to my $40 Harbor Freight air compressor, but after I hooked it up I did NOTHING with it!


P.S. It was about 100°F today and we have central air. Hiding indoors is what I do when it’s above about 80°F.

What was I thinking?

It was about 100°F today and I still had to tear the flooring out of the laundry room. Fortunately, it didn’t take too long because the laundry room is pretty small. Afterwards, I went to dinner and actually ate the “Smothered B. A” at the Stepping Stone Café.

Yeah, that’s a chicken fried steak, hash browns, onions, jalapeño, and cheese inside of an omelette that’s covered in country gravy. What was I thinking? But it was good.