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Plants schmants.

My sister said that yardwork makes her hate nature. I agree. I worked for my dad, a landscaper, for a while and he planted all sorts of weird shrubbery around the house that continues to grow and annoy me. When he was alive he used to hate it when I started hacking on the plant life, saying I had no skills. He was right, but someone needed to trim the jungle back. The backyard continues to be a mess, but that doesn’t really give my neighbor the right to clean the ivy off his fence and then just leave it piled up back there. I went to ask him if … Continue reading

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Wow, what the hell.

I was planning on spending the whole day doing next to nothing, but I was unsuccessful in it. At some point I had to just go out and get light bulbs but I had to go to three stores before I found them. On the way my next door neighbor roped me into helping him move a water tank which did involve some weird weightlifting move to get it up to shoulder-level. In any case, if you saw a guy walking around with a bucket full of lightbulbs, it was likely me. One thing struck me as I was walking around, I realized that some of my most adamant relationship … Continue reading

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Sometimes you’re number one.

Friday night and I only had two shows left on my DVR. I thought I was going to sleep at 9PM or so but I’m still up. I also thought I was going to leave work early, but I was actually busy until 5 and just gave up at the end. Traffic was bad with people leaving early and I think it was actually an easier commute at 5PM. That’s just usual Friday traffic for you. Man, cheeseburgers and I have been having a rough time lately. Today, for lunch, I went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries and it was surprisingly disappointing. It was like they forgot the ketchup … Continue reading

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So you’d figure I’d be all mopey after realizing that I have no friends and burger club is over. But no, tonight I had my weird salad for dinner and watched the final episode of Flash Forward so instead of being all sanguine, I’m left asking the question, “Wha?” Here I am, though, reading a article on how the reason I don’t have any dates is just because I suck and realizing that I spent real money for three months of and really did absolutely nothing on it but wonder why I’m getting matched with women who either outweigh me or are Republicans and I really just don’t … Continue reading

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Wow, life is great.

I’m being sarcastic, if you didn’t know. I can’t even say why life is great, other than life is even better when someone is trying to stick it to you rather than do what they’re supposed to be doing. Anyway, it’s been a joy of a day. At least I get to go to the gym after work and find out that I’m in physical decline and, as my friend Greg says, I’m just waiting to die. Then I go home, eat a bland salad, and wait for the time I can crawl into bed for my six hours of nightmares, punctuated by trips to the bathroom because I’m not … Continue reading

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Team DFL again!

Oh boy, I am still not going 100%. I decided to try doing “Kill me now” with my usual 35lb dumbbells, and I helped Sean get DFL at the gym today. I even did the extra pushups and boy howdy I had to slow things down a bit. Ah, well, fortunately Sean like going heavy too and we didn’t really time it. I just know I was still doing my last set as people were cleaning up. No matter, DFL is better than DNF. And here I am still up because, for some reason, I watched many of  the penultimate episodes for this season and so I just had to … Continue reading

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I’m trying to remember if I did anything today.

I was just trying to remember what I did today, besides watching all the TV shows queued up on my DVR and cleaning the gutters. I think it was really that little. Yesterday was a bit more eventful, but the only thing I did around the house was probably finally changing out the doorknob on a door we hardly ever use. The laundry room door had some cheap-ass Kwikset locks and I can’t even remember where the keys are located. It’s now keyed like the rest of the house with semi-decent Schlage locks. But I did get my hair cut yesterday, and even got a straight-razor shave. I thought it … Continue reading

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I give up on Burger Club.

I’ve given up on a lot lately. I suppose I gave up on dating a while ago but someone convinced me to try and I was pretty unimpressed. I can get that level of rejection for free and I don’t need to use my computer. Plus, yahoo personals has plenty of fake women telling they, “search for serious relations, tired to be one, and the good careful man whom I will love me such what is necessary is.” You can’t pay for that level of comedy. I’ve given up any self-respect at work and just allow people to tell me how the world works in their imagination. There’s no … Continue reading

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Working at night.

Since I can’t talk about work, can I talk about the silly song stuck in my head? Well, it was stuck in my head before so I suppose it’s not all that interesting. In case you were wondering, it’s U Sure Do by Strike. I’m not helping things by playing it on my iTunes and watching the YouTube video over and over. I suppose it could be worse. The workout tonight was a partner workout. 20 minutes of trading off, 7 kettlebell swings, 7 ball slams, 7 burpees. If you’re lucky, the person you’re with slows down and you get more rest as the time proceeds. If you’re unlucky, your … Continue reading

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Holy hell, who opened the floodgates?

I am busy at work. I am tired from the gym. I got nothing. Really, I’m not sure anything interesting is going on and that’s OK by me sometimes. Too much interesting stuff tires me out. Heck, I can’t even get anyone to go to burger club with me any more, but that’s OK. I may be able to sneak into places that don’t have seating for large groups. We’ll see how it goes.

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Sucking serious wind at the gym.

I suppose it’s just as well that I’m shooting for DFL rather than shooting for seeing my lunch again. Well, I should be going to sleep at a sane hour, but my buddy Sean suggested I watch Community a while ago and I’m catching up on back episodes. For some reason I JUST CAN’T STOP. That’ll probably be wonderful for me tomorrow because I’ve been slammed at work. Cranky and busy. That’ll be great.

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Lending the pressure washer is bad.

THMFIC at the gym was asking me why I like rainy days so much. I’m cooped up inside the office all day so I’d rather see grey skies. Also, it lets me sit around inside without thinking about the outdoors or all the yard work I’m shirking. My next door neighbor borrowed the pressure washer I have that I borrowed from a family friend. I’ve had it for years now, so I’m not sure if it matters that I lent it out. The bad part was hearing the sound of the pressure washer made me get outside and do yard work myself. I mowed the lawn, I pulled weeds, I … Continue reading

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