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My Chinese mail-order bride is on her way!

Today did not start well. I woke up to my alarm, thinking it was Saturday. I was quite disoriented and had to convince myself to get up. Work was work, but I had to leave work early to pick up my car from the body shop. On the plus side, they decided it needed to come out of my “uninsured motorist” insurance since it was a hit-and-run and so the deductible was a lot less. It was a nightmare taking the bus to the body shop, but I made it before closing (barely) and got my nice shiny car back. The deductible was less than I would have paid to … Continue reading

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Solo dinner at Ringside.

So there are several reasons to go to dinner by myself at Ringside. First, everyone ditched me for Burger Club and I was on my own. Second, I had a discount card that was expiring tonight. And third, Ringside is moving, remodeling, and moving back and I’m not the only one who is afraid that things will change for the worse. I mean I had a black-and-blue Kobe beef filet mignon that was charred on the outside, cold on the inside, tender, and so tasty that I had to stop after my first bite to get my bearings. Everything else was just as delicious. I did make reservations for three, … Continue reading

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Feeling better but tired.

Springtime is still getting the best of me. Thunderstorms with the requisite hail and periodic downpours mixed with slight hayfever symptoms aren’t really the best of fun. But I’ve been making up for it by spending way too much money. This morning I found out that the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is from June 7-11, so I bought a ticket for $1599. I think work may pay for airfare, though. I also found out that just the hard drive in my new laptop is $1300. Whatever. I’m still trying to buy my way to happiness. Gadget happiness anyway. Speaking of laptop, it was supposed to ship in 5-7 business days. … Continue reading

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Feels like a Monday.

I had to get to work early for a 7AM meeting. This sounds like a bad idea all around, doesn’t it? I’m cranky as it is, and getting to work with no breakfast and no coffee wasn’t making it any better. Things didn’t get much better until closer to lunch time. Most everyone bailed on me for burger club again (queue the suicide watch) so I’m making reservations for Ringside. I’m hoping my former heterosexual-life-partner Il can make it to our twice-yearly pilgrimage to RIngside because they’re going to shut it down, move it, remodel the old location, and reopen it in a year and I’m not sure they’re going … Continue reading

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Wow, I feel like doodie.

OK, I must admit that I feel a little better now, but right before I went to the gym I felt lightheaded. And when I was talking to Melissa, just nodding my head yes was making me woozy. I stayed and did the workout with less weight than usual, and by the end I thought I was going to throw up. I only stayed because I was thinking no one’s been sick lately so this must just be the weather since it went from almost 70 and sunny to cold and raining today. I just realized that I know PLENTY of people who have recently been sick. Plus, I would … Continue reading

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Two days of not much.

Last weekend I actually got out of the house. Went out to dinner with friends, saw a couple of movies, got a ridiculous haircut, etc. This weekend was much more typical, catching up on laundry, reading a couple of books, and I did get out to eat but it seems a little different when you’re doing it on your own. I got to read a lot more. I think someone is playing a prank on me and has told me that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is an interesting book and not some dry, corporate shenanigans that are as interesting to me as watching paint dry. Oh, the business … Continue reading

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Mash Tun is good but the burger is just OK.

Oh my dear god does my ass hurt right now. Monday we did front squats. Tuesday we did jump squats and I also did 27 birthday burpees for Matty G. Wednesday I must have done something else, oh yeah, broad jumps. Today was sprinting around the block, deadlifts, Turkish get-ups, and Tabata squats. The question really is, “Why?” I guess I’m supposed to have some sort of fitness goal, but I think my goal is just to effect some sort of self-torture. I am really tired today with what seems to be more than just leg fatigue but I still went kind of hard and I’m still left questioning why. … Continue reading

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M*th*rf*ck*ng McAfee.

I spend most of my day at work sitting in front of a computer, and when a stupid m*th*rf*ck*ng mistake from McAfee trashes my computer, I’m pretty hosed. And guess what? It pretty much f*ck*d up everyone’s computer at work. Let’s see, that’s probably 10,000 people * 6 hours * $70/hour (using numbers I’ve pulled out of my ass) or $4.2million wasted just at our company. THANK YOU MCAFEE YOU WORTHLESS SONS OF B*TCH*S! Unlike last Wednesday, my other problems weren’t as big as having to repair my car. I went to buy admission to the food cart extravaganza, but they’re out. I broke a tab on a 160GB hard … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Matty G.

I can’t believe how tired I was at the gym. I don’t think I was dragging around, but I did have general muscle fatigue. My legs are tired and I was getting cramps in my lats. Front squats and ball slams on Monday are probably part of my problems, but also doing Matty’s 27 birthday burpees before the workout is probably another. The brains behind the gym told Matty that he wouldn’t be able to find anyone to participate in his madness but she didn’t realize how foolish I truly am. Just for the fun of it, a picture from the gym. So there you go. Tired at the gym, … Continue reading

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Want some crappy pictures of my sister?

My sister was in the Oregonian, and I know half of the three people who read my blog are here because of my sister so I scanned the pictures and here they are. It took FOREVER because, basically, computers suck. I know, they’re scaled and the color balance is off. It would have been quicker if I just got out a goddamn crayon and reproduced the effing things by hand so you get what you get. It’s a scan from a frigging newspaper for chrissake. I’m also very tired from the front squats at the gym, and also from finding out that the bastard who backed into my car not … Continue reading

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Thank goodness it’s warm today.

I keep looking in the mirror and frightening myself because I don’t recognize the dude with no hair. I remember the first time I did this at MIT, walking down the Infinite Corridor I could feel the heat of the lights on my head. Fortunately it wasn’t real hot or real cold today. Sean convinced me to go to see Death at a Funeral today. I don’t usually go out to see that many movies and he’d already convinced me to see Kick-Ass on Friday. I guess I’m just getting outside more often lately, probably because I’m alone in the house now that my mom is off in Japan for … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me (again).

I think I had my final birthday dinner of my birthday week tonight. I started out with a family dinner at Laurelhurst Market, a dinner with gym friends at Metrovino, a dinner with Sean at Veritable Quandry, and another dinner with THMFIC at the gym and other gym friends at Laurelhurst Market. Plus, my friend Sun conspired with my sister to get me a bottle of Ardbeg Single malt scotch, which I’d been looking for but couldn’t find. Who knew you could look up availability online? Really, though, I’m so stuffed full of beef that I can hardly think. You may not be able to get exactly what you want … Continue reading

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