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Time to do some calculations.

Today I did a 345lb deadlift. A good rule of thumb I heard was the ability to deadlift twice your body weight. Well, if you count my minimum body weight, first thing in the morning after a whole night of dehydrating, it’s about 162 lbs. So that means I really only have to deadlift 324 lbs, which I did last week. But as it is, I weigh something around 172 lbs when I go to the doctor (they don’t let me get all nekkid on the scale there) so I got twice that body weight today. My next goal is to deadlift twice the weight I peaked at, 2 x … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here.

I spent some of the evening (more than I’d like) doing work and I’m still not really finished. So I have nothing to see here, other than this growing stack of books I’m supposed to read. There’s a Kindle 2 on top that has a couple of books in it as well. Time to try burning a disk.

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Eleven years ago I told my crazy friend Megan that I was going to buy Ricky Martin’s CD if (when) he came out of the closet. Today I bought two. Good luck Ricky! I had something else I was thinking about, but really I can’t remember what it was. I decided I was going to take it easy at the gym, but instead I started doing extra pushups during the Renegade Row in the “Kill Me Now” workout. Chip Conrad wouldn’t think they were extra, though. Basically, I think that pretty much used all the glucose up in my noggin. I was going to quote from some personals ads of … Continue reading

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Extreme pessimist my ass.

Well, there you go. I even got an invitation to become a Facebook friend with someone who looks like a real person who wrote in COMPLETE SENTENCES with no MISSPELLINGS. They liked my blog postings, thank you very much. In any case, I don’t think I’m an extreme pessimist at all. An extreme pessimist is the guy who thinks, “Wow, lots of good things are happening to me right now and I wonder how it’s all going to turn to shit,” where I’m more likely to think, “Well this isn’t turning out the way I’d hoped, what now?” And in my experience it usually does go slightly downhill. I’d think … Continue reading

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Wow, so some people thought I was suicidal, huh?

Some people have such easy lives that they think a hamburger is going to make me suicidal. I guess they could be right, if they thought that my lack of aggressiveness in looking for female companionship is going to keep me from passing on my genetic legacy and that could be thought of as suicidal. Or if my lack of belief in their god will exclude me from their afterlife, so then I’ll be dead, dead, dead when I die and that can be thought of as suicidal. But in either case, I DIDN’T COME TO MY EXISTENTIAL DECISIONS BECAUSE OF A MOTHERFUCKING HAMBURGER. OK, to be fair, I should … Continue reading

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I suck and a $63 hamburger dinner isn’t going to change that.

The following has been rated NC-17. That means I’m “in a mood” and people who don’t like cursing can fuck the hell off and click on something else. Here’s a Rick Astley and Nine Inch Nails remix for you. Everyone in burger club ditched my sorry ass tonight. Actually, the only person who said she was coming told me she didn’t want to go if it was just the two of us. In fact, it was a little worse than that. Most of the people in burger club knew it would be just the two of us and kept trying to convince me this could be a golden opportunity. I’m … Continue reading

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Foster Burger is worth going to.

My hay fever is killing me right now. None of the sneezing or itching today, but I was pooped. I couldn’t think straight and I was dragging around. This happens to me every spring and it’s fairly miserable. So I made it back to Foster Burger for Sean & Trevor’s birthday dinner. It was a random affair that I had to twist arms to get going. Fortunately, Sean & Trevor both showed up. In any case, Foster Burger seems to be up and running and I can now say that the burger is definitely worth going to eat now. It’s not my favorite, and there’s nothing that jumped out at … Continue reading

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I wonder about this WiMax stuff.

I was going to type something on this here computer, but the past two workouts at the gym have taken most of the biochemical energy out of my body and there isn’t enough left for my brain to think of anything. In fact, I think my body may shut down though it is doing its best to turn whatever I ate today directly into gas. The Mad Greek Deli may not be my friend in this case. I’m trying to remember why it is I’m working this hard. Bikini season? I doubt that. Perhaps so I can floss and brush for the recommended two minutes without tiring myself out. That … Continue reading

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When it rains, it pours.

Looks like work is heating up a little, and it always seems like it’s everyone having problems or no one having problems. Thing is, I like my job so I won’t say too much about it. Plus, the worst I’ve ever had it is when I got bored at work. My secondary job, trying to design my mom’s bathroom, is kind of a pain in the ass. I still have to draw some cabinets to see if they look right but I haven’t found a program I like so it might be time for paper and pencil. I may have to build some simulated walls to see if the space … Continue reading

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I wonder how that one turns out.

Wow, the sale at George Morlan Plumbing was way better than I thought. All the internet prices I found were beat by the normal sale prices, and that’s saying a lot. Nevertheless, I spent $2100 on plumbing crap today and I realized I still have a long ways to go. I better get on it. I think I need to figure out just where I’m going to put all my subway tile and the 3D interior decorating computer programs really aren’t doing me a lot of good. Google Sketchup is total crap, Sweet Home 3D is only a little better. I’m liking Live Interior 3D so far, but I haven’t … Continue reading

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Happy birthday mom!

No wonder my contractor wanted me to design my bathroom before he came back. It’s a pain in the ass! I’ve spent hours just looking for a sink! I finally had to resort to looking up what I had already, and since there’s no obvious part numbers visible I had to hang out at the plumbing store for hours to figure it out. I had to pick out the toilet, the Washlet seat, even the g*dd*mn knobs for the shower. And I’m not close to being finished. Do you know how hard it is just to figure out what wall spout to put on your tub? Yeesh. Tomorrow I have … Continue reading

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Slightly disappointed.

I know I have issues with rejection and I suck at dating, but why shouldn’t the computer help me out? Well, I went to tonight just to see what it had suggested to me and it told me that I was too picky and it had no women for me. OK, so the only criteria I think I had locked in was age, and the age span was 29-47 (I know, the bottom end is kind of low). But you notice something? THAT’S A SPAN OF NEARLY TWENTY YEARS AND THERE’S NOT ONE FUCKING MATCH. Good thing they have my money already. Jesus H Christ I guess I was … Continue reading

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