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Is it just Tuesday?

Somehow it seems like it should be later in the week. Maybe it’s all the drugs. I’m feeling much better today, but it was one of those days where you’re supposed to go as hard as you can for 15 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and then go again. I thought I was going to pass out at one point which would have been a bit embarrassing because I know THMFIC would still make me mop the floor. The brains behind the gym is back from her trip to SoCal, though, and so I’m guessing his days of wandering aimlessly around his house poking at things trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Another Monday survived.

Meetings seem overrated to begin with, but when you get last-minute meetings that go from 11AM to 3PM you know you’ve done something wrong. Or at the very least someone thinks you’ve done something wrong and you’re being punished. In any case, it really felt like a Monday and I’m lucky to have survived it. It was also my first real day of hay fever symptoms this year. I took some Claratin, and I felt sleepy all day. But today was also the first day that my back felt OK when I got up and that made for a relatively easier time at the gym. Relatively, because I still feel … Continue reading

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What is it I was doing?

My back’s been hurting again and yesterday after working out at the gym I was looking forward to taking a handful of Advil and taking a nap. I did go out to breakfast at the Tin Shed and stuffed myself so it was the best idea I could think of. But I got a call from a friend who wanted help moving. I’ve known his family since way before he was born and I couldn’t say no. He’s even had some health issues lately, so that trumped any sensible thoughts of taking it easy on my back. Today was much more of the sitting around I was planning on doing … Continue reading

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Stupid Apple updates

I’ve been waiting for about an hour for my Mac to update iLife and iWork and I’m close to giving up now. I’m even resorting to blogging on my iPhone which is usually more painful than it’s worth. Give me a real keyboard any day. In any case, I was a little under the weather today and almost went home mid-morning like I did on Tuesday but I have a surprisingly large amount of questions popping up from all sorts of customers this week. I felt a little better by the end of the day and should have stayed home from the gym but I made it in for several … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the day!

And yet another personal defect I’ve found today: I can’t remember to lay off of exercises when I’m coming off an illness. When I get sick, my back gets hurt pretty easily and I should remember this when I’m at the gym. We were doing 10x deadlifts and box jumps and my back cramped up a little on the deadlifts and I certainly felt it jumping down off the box. I substituted something else, but I should have known better. When I got up this morning I felt much better than I did yesterday, but my back was a little tight. Oh, and what a great nights sleep I had. … Continue reading

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Sick day.

I knew things wouldn’t be going that well when I got up in the middle of the night and my stomach felt like I’d eaten cement. When I got up this morning I just felt lightheaded and just not quite right. I’m used to this being a symptom along with a head cold, but this was different. I left work early and finally took a sick day. I still got on my computer and checked my email, but most of the day I just took it easy. I did, finally, do my mom’s taxes and I sorted through all the credit card bills I was piling up. I can’t say … Continue reading

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The way to finish faster.

I guess I was the first one to finish our normal workout at the gym (it was timed) though three people were faster than me in the earlier class. That’s good enough for me. I knew Nicky would be faster than me, so I decided not to fight in his weight class and picked up heavier weights. HaHA! Not that it really means anything. You just need to compare your own times and just use the people around you as motivation. Today, we ran two laps, and did a 30-20-10 of dumbbell deadlifts and dumbbell push press. Jeff was faster than me on the middle of the workout, though he … Continue reading

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It’s a mystery how I remember who won the games yesterday.

I was hanging out with people from the gym and now I know better than to go out drinking with certain people. In the same way that I’m able to stop eating everything on the plate in front of me, I also seem to drink whatever is put in front of me. Some people are more cruel in their drink selections. In any case, a more exciting Saturday makes for a more subdued Sunday which is fine by me. I spent most of the day reading Real World, translated from the Japanese book by Natsuo Kirino and I’ve really decided that I need to finish that book and put it … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ma!

I canceled my Friday workout at the gym because today was the last day of the deadlift cycle and I’ve been overdoing things. Everyone else is breaking their PRs but I really should be taking it easy because of my back. Serendipitously I realized that Friday was also my mom’s birthday. My mom said didn’t care about actually having any more birthdays, she’d had enough, but it sure beats the alternative. We went out to a Japanese restaurant and then to my sister’s house for cake. I finally used my iPhone for taking pictures of something besides the workout written on the board at the gym.

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Some stupid guy needs to get some sleep.

If I had any sense (and if you’ve reading this you probably have some idea of how much sense I have) I’d probably be asleep right now. But I started watching some TV shows from the last few nights and they’re addicting like the Skittles I really shouldn’t have open on the kitchen table all the time. Fortunately for me, I probably only eat a half-dozen individual Skittles in a day, and according to the intarweb there are an estimated 31 to 41 individual Skittles in a bag. So even if I ate ten a day, that means I eat one small bag every three to four days. My mom … Continue reading

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Whose idea was it to stay up so late?

I figured I should get out of the house when someone calls, but it’s a school night and they wanted to meet about the time I usually go to bed. Well, stupid me, I went anyway (the whole needing to get out of the house thing) but I should have been in bed for three hours already. I’m surly enough as it is at work, this isn’t going to help. That’s what I get for having friends who work in creative fields with flexible hours and are decades younger. This isn’t going to help my workout recovery, either, though I only had one drink.

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Stuck in the 80’s.

I really have nothing interesting going on today (no surprise) and just left work early to take the restrictor out of the downstairs shower because it felt like it was just dribbling water on me this morning. The old shower is nothing compared to the new shower that I’m forbidden from using at the moment. Other than that I punted the gym since I’d already canceled and I could use the rest. The only thing that’s cheering me up is finding this 80’s tune that they used to play in Boston when I was there for school. It gets stuck in my head and I’d really like to buy a … Continue reading

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