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I hurt my back again.

I’m not sure what it was, but it’s been coming all week. After going to the gym, I’d feel a sharp twinge in my back, the same sharp pain that laid me up before, but it would go away quickly. Today, however, after warming up and deadlifting we were supposed to do 3 rounds of 2 laps around the block, 5 pistol squats each leg, and 20 ball slams. On my second round I felt the sharp pain in my back and it wasn’t going away. It wasn’t intense enough to make me have to stop, but I wasn’t going to push it. I figure this means I get to … Continue reading

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Eat this, it’s good for you.

I’m not sure my body likes anything that’s good for me. Fresh fruit and vegetables mess with my digestive system. I seem to need a modicum of grease in my diet and I may just have to resort to eating some fried chicken tomorrow. Tonight my mom made me eat some liquid tofu. Last time I had it I got heartburn and I wasn’t sure what it was that did that to me. I’m narrowing it down, however, and liquid tofu is high on my list. I have envelopes piled on my desk and I often use them to take weird notes. I have no idea why there are phone … Continue reading

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Kindle 2 envy.

My sister just got her Kindle 2 from Amazon and I had to call to ask how it was. She’s been lording it over me that she had one on order and now she has it. I’m pretty jealous and I have dumb reasons on why I want one. I’ve read books on computer in the past, including almost ruining my eyes reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander on a Toshiba Dynabook with a failing backlight. She was an online friend and she sent me her book on floppy disks. But that’s not a big reason; I don’t need to make my eyes any worse. But I do have troubles reading books … Continue reading

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Another thing to give up.

I guess I’m a quitter. I gave up bicycling cold turkey to start running, and I gave up running when I started back to work and decided that going to the gym would be better time-wise. And today, coincidentally, I’ve read two articles that tell me that I should seriously think about knocking off the booze. Shirt Off John at the gym took some notes about drinking after going down to Gym Jones in Salt Lake City that kind of point out that drinking might be why my energy is down this week. The biochemistry is what I’m interested in (as an organic chemist). The other article I saw was … Continue reading

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My strength ebbs and flows.

Or is that waxes and wanes? In any case, I think I’m on a downhill slide for energy at the gym, but I was sick last week (twice in fact) so I’m not surprised. I was even feeling a little slowed down today, which is no surprise. I should probably get more sleep. Other than that, it’s Monday. I was looking at age appropriate singles ads the other day and I noticed every single one of the women looked pissed off. No wonder I look at the women who are too young for me. I’m pretty sure I’m going to disappoint someone so I’m not all that sure I want … Continue reading

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The closet is empty.

I found a lot of weird things in the closet, including a box of mini-liquors today, but the weirdest thing I found was a banner my grandparents sent when I was born. It’s SIX METERS tall! It’s also custom dyed and we thought about putting it in the Goodwill pile until we unfurled it. I gave up a lot of things with strong memories attached to them including clothing from VICA where I actually won first place in the US for a competition in Industrial Electronics. There’s no such thing as the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America any more and I should probably have something to remind me of times … Continue reading

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Coming out of the closet.

The carpet is finally supposed to come in, so they tore out the old nasty carpet out of my old bedroom. The missed the closet, however, because it was still full of stuff. My old room was partly my dad’s storeroom and when I moved back I had to clear out a lot of cardboard boxes to get in. It was pretty cramped and it took a kind of dance to get to my closet, so I only went in there if I needed to get my wedding & funeral suit. Of course, it was a large closet filled with all sorts of weird things. I started pitching out clothes … Continue reading

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This is the old person’s blog where I talk about my ailments.

My lumbago! So while my nose is clearing steadily, I somehow had a weird stomachache last night that was probably caused by taking vitamins, Advil, and Claritin at nearly the same time. Or it could be something different, because I ended up with some intestinal upset that my sister said she also had this week. There’s all sorts of things going around, so I’m not surprised. This all hit this afternoon and wasn’t clearing up when I was supposed to be at the gym deadlifting. I didn’t think this particular brand of intestinal discomfort would mix well with that sort of weightlifting. In my weakened state (again) I was able … Continue reading

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My car is back!

I’ve been asking everyone the same question, “Guess how much it cost me for my repairs?” The answer is $17.95, because I had my windshield wipers replaced as well. I guess it was all covered by warranty. It’s nice to have my car back. Commuting by light rail is much more environmentally friendly, but in the time it takes me to walk to the light rail I’m already at work. The light rail and shuttle bus add another hour to my commute each way. I’m paying for that 1-2 hours back each day, even though sitting on the train is more relaxing. I did notice that the plastic train seats … Continue reading

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Health better, life still meh.

I was tired at the gym today, but it was a hard workout. I think I ended up going through the warmup too quickly because I didn’t see many other people finish it and run around the building twice. That’s OK, I needed to try to sweat out whatever I had left from my head cold. What I did reconfirm is that I can’t count worth beans when I’m working out. This happened to me during Fight Gone Bad, too. I swear I did a lot less than my partner counted, but I was tired and not thinking clearly. At least today and Monday I did extra to make sure … Continue reading

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No wonder it’s illegal.

I wonder how much meth is made from one 30mg tablet of Sudafed. According to the newspaper, which is completely suspect, most meth is trucked in from Mexico, but the Oregon State Legislature was afraid enough of OTC Sudafed to make it a prescription drug. I can’t believe a 24-blister pack of the Sudafed is going to make any significant amount of methamphetamine. But what do I know? I had to leave work early today because of my worsening head cold. I tried taking a Claritin earlier, but that didn’t do all that much. I just drove home 1 1/2 hours early and went to bed before dinner. So imagine … Continue reading

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Stupid cold.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide whether to go to the gym or not and even after I go it’s hard for me to judge whether it was a good idea. Today I finished the workout with a fair time and felt at times where I was just about to need to take a nap to finish the workout. But I never did get there, so I figure I’m not THAT sick. Just very close. And I’d probably better a lot quicker if I’d just sleep more. I’m probably going to be dragging around work tomorrow but that’s the nature of work and life, isn’t it? I slept in … Continue reading

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