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Funny to-do list.

It’s funny to me how my to-do list doesn’t seem to carry over from day-to-day. Then again, I went to get more “rolfing” and that pretty much put most of my thoughts out of my head. It wasn’t until 8:30PM when I realized that tomorrow is already October and I needed to get a new bus pass for the month. Since I’m doing it for conservation as well as being cheap, I walked to the local food co-op, in the pouring rain, to buy it rather than driving to get it. Other than that, I didn’t do that much. I should start buying gifts for my trip to Japan. My … Continue reading

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Sleepy day.

I don’t do much on the weekends, so I usually just pick something on my “to do” list to make it seem like I’m doing something. Watching several football games and catching up on the TV shows from earlier in the week is good, but it really doesn’t amount to much. I went out to breakfast with friends and out to dinner with my mom, but I didn’t really accomplish the things on my list. Today I was going to clean the gutters, find a “leaf plug” for one particular downspout, fix the chimney cap, go through some more of my dad’s stuff, and move my dad’s books into one … Continue reading

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No poop at the gym.

I didn’t get in any trouble at the gym today because there really wasn’t anyone there. I didn’t do any cardio because I had no poop. Why, you might ask, did I have no poop? Well, the air was let out of my balloon today when the General Manager of our group at Megacorp said some pretty silly things. First he said we need to, “Be at work 100%” OK, so I have been slacking a bit but I’ve also been told to run around in circles a lot. Why tire myself out when I know I’m not doing anything of worth? Just the fact that someone that important told … Continue reading

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Gym rules.

I was kind of told today that there are gym rules. Don’t talk to people. Don’t make eye contact. The only verbalization is to say, “Hey buddy, need a spot?” But I have to say, “Eff that.” Already I’ve decided that the last guy who is mad at me is humorless and should be nicknamed, “Precious.” I want to say, “HEY BUDDY, I WAS MAKING FUN OF YOUR TOO-TIGHT MUSCLE T-SHIRTS. YOU WEAR THEM EXCLUSIVELY. YOU DO THAT TOO MUCH AND PEOPLE ARE GONNA THINK YOU’RE A NARCISSIST.” I was going to say, “THINK YOU’RE GAY,” but he is gay. Wouldn’t be making much of a point there. I’m probably … Continue reading

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Cranky people.

Man, I’m always getting on someone’s bad side at the gym lately. I think it’s because a lot of the employees are on edge because the place is getting close to going under AGAIN. My gym seems very poorly managed, as far as I can tell, and the last two times I’ve gone someone has been talking about how they’re financially circling the drain. Good thing I prepaid for two years membership. Ah, well, that might have been about a year ago, so I could be only slightly screwed. I heard they’re opening an LA Fitness fairly close by. I could also try to join the Multnomah Athletic Club if … Continue reading

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I need new golf clubs.

Another one of the neighbors was yelling at the crowd today. She needed to get out of her driveway and of course it was blocked by people coming to see the birds. It’s bad when someone can make a peace activist yell. I guess you don’t want to block her driveway when she needs to get downtown before something closes. My co-worker took a week off of work to go golfing with his wife. He bought new clubs and now he’s trying to get me to do the same. I should probably learn how to play with the clubs I already have, even though there are other clubs rated much … Continue reading

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My neighbors are also tired of the crowds.

My newer neighbors are getting very tired of the swifts. The people, more than the swifts, but you know what I mean. One started yelling at the people on the hill because her driveway was blocked for the second time this year and she was already in a bad mood because she has a teenage daughter. I was on the phone calling the police non-emergency number, ready to get the bad parker a ticket, but they showed up and drove away. My experience with the birds was unique but much less annoying. I just got pooped on.

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Another Friday night in the ‘hood.

I sort of was invited next door to watch the birds with my neighbor so I drank a bunch of his beers and a few of his dangerous margaritas. I also ate some of his pizza. I am a bad neighbor. It was a lot of fun, however, and I did remain conscious until the end. The last time I drank margaritas at my neighbor’s house, I apparently gave a dude some money and I didn’t remember that at all. In all honesty, it was for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training, and I got a nice thank you card, but it sounds better when I met a … Continue reading

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Man, did I get chewed out at the gym.

There’s this woman at the gym I haven’t seen for a while. I say hello to her every time I see her because, well, she is attractive and possibly closer to my age than most. She has a giant yellow walkman, and that’s somehow attractive. She is also married and looks like she needs a cookie. That’s code for meaning I think she’s so skinny I was worried that she might be sick. Anyway, she was in for the first time in months and working out with Dana the trainer. I said hello to her, told her I was glad to see her back, and made fun of Dana’s picture … Continue reading

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Plotting to no avail.

So today the crowd for the stupid birds (actually the stupid crowds for the birds) was HUGE. Just slightly fewer people than the weekend, so maybe 1800 people on the hill? I’m so ready for it to be over. I did meet a guy on the hill who was the eldest son (oldest son?) of my first Scoutmaster, a guy who loved hiking and backpacking. Later on someone came up to me and asked, “Are you Mariko’s brother?” That’s pretty much it. I’m Mariko’s brother. Yesterday at golf I was quizzing a guy about country club memberships. I was thinking that if the greens fees were waived, you could negate … Continue reading

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Golf vacation.

I played in a golf tournament today. It was a scramble, which meant I could be a complete screw-up and we’d use someone else’s shots. It was actually a lot of fun and the guys I played with, a neighbor and his friends, were excellent golf partners. And instead of raining like the weather report said, it was a beautiful day. I must admit that I drank more than I usually do, but there was this cart driving around and they were saying, “FREE DRINKS!” And then we had a free drink ticket for lunch. And then my neighbor’s friend was buying beers because he didn’t want to go back … Continue reading

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I’m a boring guy.

I’m really a boring guy. Maybe my health issues make me a little unique, but for the most part I stick to my middle-of-the-road life. I live in a fairly nice neighborhood in the city, where I stick out because I don’t make as much money as the newer neighbors. I shop at regular stores. I drive a brand new economy car. Even though I get in arguments with people from time to time, I’m pretty much law abiding. So I guess riding public transit is my only real exposure to people who aren’t in a similar situation. I got on the light rail to head home and I saw … Continue reading

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