New lows in golf.

Every time I think I’m bad at golf, I prove that I’m worse. Oh, well. I guess that’s the nature of the game. Fortunately, yesterday we all proved how bad we were at golf.

Today was a lazy day at the gym. They were having a barbecue outside and I saw a couple of guys I haven’t seen in months. Dave the trainer and I ended up chatting with the guys rather than working out much. It’s just as well. I was kind of tired.

Stomachache day.

I spend a lot of time looking at maps of San Francisco. Ever since I was in college, it’s been my fantasy to live in San Francisco. Ah, well. Better that I just leave it at that unless I win the lottery or something.

After I got back from the gym, I spent the evening watching an instructional video on golf called, “Caddyshack.” It was a little sillier than I remember, but still pretty funny. “Don’t sell yourself short; you’re a tremendous slouch.”

The fun of pressure washing.

All I really did yesterday was pressure washing. And the most interesting thing I did today was take a nap. I even left work way early because I felt antsy and I think it was because, for some reason, I was tired out. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap after all.I went shoe shopping, but guy shoe shopping. I didn’t want to go to a lot of stores. I wanted to find anything that works, buy them, and get out. I have a pair of, “gym shoes,” that started falling apart already so I sent them back today. I had to get a new pair and I hit the Adidas store near their headquarters. I was expecting an outlet-ish store but it was just an expensive store in a lower-income neighborhood. Weird. I didn’t like the shoes so I went to the Nike Factory Store and bought whatever they had. I still have to find some place that has golf shirts on sale. Nike had some nice ones but they’re HUGE. Everything’s about the baggy with Nike nowadays.

I’m too old to drink.

Yesterday I had to work later than I expected and missed playing golf with my friends. I got home wondering what I was going to do when my next door neighbor called and told me I needed to come over and drink margaritas. Woo. When I woke up this morning I was still a little drunk.

The worst part is a friend called to give me back my lawn mower and lend me his pressure washer. So instead of taking a nap, I ended up outside, trying to get the moss off of the driveway.

First day back at the gym and I’m beat up.

I suppose it wasn’t a good idea to take two-and-a-half weeks off from the gym. The first week Dave the Trainer was out of town and I golfed instead of working out. The second week I was in San Francisco. And Tuesday Dave wanted to go boating instead of meeting me at the gym and my tetanus shot was still bothering me. Heck, it’s still bothering me a little.

I got my new Mac today and I’m making a mess of it already. I even crashed the thing a little while ago (running beta software, my own fault). It sure seems to run cooler and quieter, but who knows? I gave my mom my old Macbook Pro but it’s no longer reliably running some of her games. Oh, the humanity. And I’m supposed to be going over to the low-income housing for the elderly place and helping them with their computer stuff. Oh, dear.

Stupid reasons to stay up late.

Tonight, I stayed up late because the episode of Scrubs was the one where they played an Erasure song. Pretty silly. I was also backing up my hard drive because tomorrow I should get my new laptop. Then I’ll have to delete everything off of the old one and give it to my mom.

Went to the lawyer today to finish some paperwork regarding the house. I’m not sure what we did, and we’re just supposed to sit on the paperwork until we really need it. The whole thing seems a little odd to me but he’s the lawyer and he’s supposed to know the rules. The last time I saw him he was in a building with a wood carver/chainsaw artist. This time he’s in a building with a forklift service shop. It’s all a mystery to me.

Sleepy day.

So I stayed up a little late after getting back from the ER. I think I’m OK for the most part. I got up the morning and decided to sleep in a little, but that didn’t seem to help all that much. My arm hurt from my tetanus shot but Dave the Trainer bailed to go boating so that didn’t affect me all that much.

So my sister has been yelling at me for a couple of day because her Macbook isn’t as easy to set up as I’d led her to believe. She couldn’t get it to work with her wireless network. I drove over there because I had some time (no gym as I mentioned) and it took me 10 seconds to get her hooked up to the wireless network. OK, so I exaggerate. It took me less than a minute, though.

Just in case you didn’t know.

If you have Roundup on your hand, you shouldn’t rub your eye. I was spraying some weed killer around and my hay fever was bothering me. I thought I moved my contact out of place and I even thought I saw it in the mirror later but the sprayer was leaking on my hand. It took a couple of minutes but I realized why my eye was so red. I called the advice nurse, I called Poison Control, I flushed my eye, and then I went to the emergency room. They flushed my eye out some more and gave me a couple of prescriptions. It took a while.

Man, I need to quit finding reasons to see the doctor.

I’m back and I’m boring.

I finally made it back from my trip to San Francisco yesterday and I was beat. Today was about the same and I tried to spend most of the day reading a book and watching golf. I went to the Apple Store downtown where I tried to sell a Macbook Pro to a guy (heh) and helped my sister get her new Macbook. She got a free printer and a free iPod and she gave me the iPod. Score.

The last day of the WWDC was virtually a half-day. I left in the middle of the day to meet Megan in Palo Alto. So I mentioned how she’s hazing me, sending me on the 71 bus down Market St after 11PM with the crackheads, etc. She told me to carry a coat on Friday and I carried that thing to Palo Alto where it was 90°F! The Caltrain down from San Francisco to Palo Alto had windows that didn’t open and no air conditioning. I down to Palo Alto early so I could walk around and the three mile trip through town was more boring and hot than I expected. I found a grocery store and hung around in the frozen food aisle, pretending to be very interested in fish sticks.

Megan took me to the Keith Urban concert in San Jose. When did they start playing music video-ish stuff behind the stage? We only saw a couple of songs by The Wreckers and a couple of songs by Keith Urban before we left. Then we made it back to the city where the drinking continued.

I didn’t leave until Saturday afternoon. My sister asked me to bring back some Japanese treats from Benkyodo in Japantown so I went in the morning. She didn’t tell me that I’d have to walk through the PJs to get to Japantown. There were flyers about the three shooting deaths that happened in the last 48 hours. On the way back, there was a street fair on Fillmore.

Oh, and I sort of went on a date. I met someone I know from online and she drove me to Pickles (the old Clown Alley).

The rebuilt Clown Alley.

It’s one of the places I was obsessing about, I guess, because one of the managers from Apple said:

21:54: damn, you finally got to clown fucking alley
21:54: thank god
21:54: I thought you'd never stop asking about it. :)

Well, anyway, I met a woman who drove me to a hamburger place and we walked around Chinatown. Megan says it counts. Heh

Best beer bash ever.

The Apple WWDC continued today and I’m about to pass out in some of the sessions. I’m way too tired. This morning Megan and I went to a coffee shop (Bluebottle) just under the architecture firm of the husband of someone who I only know online. We waited until he got to work so I could say hello. I conversed online with spouse about this and she said I should wait outside for him to go home so he thought I was stalking him. It wasn’t a nice-sounding thing to do at all. Oh, and we figured out that Cafe Roma in North Beach is better than Bluebottle.

So there was the standard Thursday night conference party with a band from LA whose name I can’t remember. The best part was that I met some students of an old MIT classmate (he was actually a couple years below me but now he’s a famous Media Lab guy) and also and old friend who I’ve known since grade school but who I haven’t seen since his wedding eight years ago. [insert pictures here]. Also, waiting for the bathroom, I met the guy who writes the program I use to blog with (MarsEdit) and asked him about a bug I’ve seen recently (comments are closed by default). He said he’s been seeing the same problem and was quite friendly, too. That’s tech support: standing in line with the right guy to use the bathroom.

Oh, and guys finally gave up and started using the women’s room. Heh.

I wonder if I can connect tonight.

After a day of geeking, sitting around on my computer, I’m wherever I’m staying, sitting around on my computer. San Francisco is a crowded city and there’s wireless everywhere, but none of it appears to be free like it is in the coffee shops of Portland. Anyway, trying to get from Megan’s bedroom to her living room is difficult because of the abundance of networks.

The Apple geekfest is fun, but it’s mostly white men. The bathroom lines for the men’s room are long and the women probably are alone in the theirs. The geeks, I mean guys, I’m hanging out with are online chatting with each other almost constantly. In between sessions we’re at a round table typing at each other rather than actually chatting. And how’s my week going? It took me a day-and-a-half to install the beta version of the new Apple OS. It wasn’t working at first and I had to buy an external hard drive to back everything up. I had Apple engineers looking at my computer with very confused looks on their faces. The following day I got a super-engineer to look at it and of course the errors went away when he looked.

Fortunately, Megan’s more interesting than the geeks. We went to an old-school Italian restaurant yesterday with great veal scaloppini for not to much dough. Hooray.

Hanging with the geeks.

The only thing I’m allowed to talk about for day one of WWDC is the keynote address, and here it is: Steve Jobs is skinny. There’s some fun stuff coming down the pike, like the visual effects in iChat, but the only big surprise is that Safari runs on Windows. Not a huge deal. That’s what happens when I finally show up at WWDC. Nothing big happens.

I was supposed to hang out with Megan tonight but I ended up drinking very good beer with the usual suspects who I know from online. Bad me. I finally called Megan about 10:30 from her neighborhood (she’s still housesitting out of her neighborhood) and went to her Safeway for some shaving stuff. Is it every Safeway that’s full of crazy people? There were long lines of people buying booze and fights at the door. Fortunately I made it back in a taxi who took me on Mr. Toad’s wild ride.

Oh, and today I had an obligatory argument with a Seattleite about Seattle vs. Portland. My opinion is that Seattle is like Portland, but it sucks more. Seattleites never seem to like that assessment.