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The quest for Hot Dogs.

Besides playing with my computer and going to the gym, I do mostly nothing. I am on vacation after all, and I don’t have to do much else. Today, however, I did end up going on a quest, of sorts, with Dave the Trainer. I told him about a hot dog stand in the neighborhood, and he was all set for a chili dog or a Coney Island. But the stand was gone, probably on vacation for the holidays. We ended up going all the way from NW 24th and Vaughn to SE 45th and Hawthorne (across town anyway) to a weird little hole-in-the wall that I can’t even remember … Continue reading

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Someone stop me.

So, I spent about $800 on computer parts today. I felt bad until I found out my friend Megan spent $500 on a Treo today and then hit herself in the head with it because it was so much heavier than her old cell phone. My expensive computer is awaiting a fancy gamer’s video card and only has a 10YO Matrox card in it right now. In simpler terms: 10YO Matrox card = old and busted $250 video card = new hotness It still means I’m able to have fun with my new computer (like I needed ANOTHER computer.) Now I have to figure out how to get rid of … Continue reading

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Time to buy another computer.

I got a good deal on some computer parts. Actually they were through work, and I thought I’d better buy the parts while I still could, i.e. while I was still employed. I thought they’d take a while to arrive but they arrived today. This means I have to buy the rest of the parts of the computer, or the purchased parts will lie fallow. Actually, doesn’t lie fallow mean that the parts will be turned into fertilizer or something? Or at least regain fertility? Yeah, if the parts sit around then they’ll just be useless to me. In any case, it’s time to upgrade some of the stuff I … Continue reading

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Another resolution down.

Looks like I forgot my Xmas present at my sister’s house, a button that said, “Dutch me.” Or something like that. But really, she got me a sweater and MADE TURDUCKEN! It wasn’t as odd as I’d hoped, but was quite tasty. So thanks to Mariko I’m up to 50% of my resolutions. I’m not going to Vegas and I’m not going hiking in the gorge, so I think that’s as good as it’s going to get. (The other resolution that I’ve completed is, “Attend more parties.” I attend most of the ones I’m invited to.) Yesterday I got my computer back! The mall with the Apple store wasn’t very … Continue reading

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Attempting to flood the basement.

I had a leak in a pipe in the basement so I decided to try making a quick repair using Aquapex. It’s a temporary fix, so I figure I could experiment. Fortunately, I didn’t hurt myself too much and the pipes only leak a little (stupid old pipe). The Aquapex was incredibly easy to work with. The only problems I had were getting the old pipe out and cutting the Aquapex too short because I am not a real plumber. In fact, I cut it too short twice. I’ve done a lot of plumbing around the house and I know why plumbers get paid so much (because they’re worth it) … Continue reading

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What is up with shipping nowadays?

So I thought I ordered some L.L. Bean shirts last night. I wasn’t expecting them for a while and I wasn’t worried because I don’t wear button-down shirts very often except to go to work. But guess what? They arrived tonight! Weird, huh? One of them is a very lame Xmas present for my dad. (Don’t worry, lameness of the gifts mean that everyone already knows what they’re getting except maybe my brother-in-law and I don’t think he reads my blog anyway.) I also got my expensive ebay plumbing tool that I ordered on Monday! Whee! Well, the plumbing tool just means more work for me. It’s semi-likely that I’ll … Continue reading

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Coney Island.

It was a nice day and I actually got out of the house for a reason that wasn’t the gym or work. I went to the bank, the drugstore, the kitchen supply to see if I could justify buying my sister a $999 espresso machine, and a hot dog stand. I also bought Dave the Trainer an Xmas present — a dinner at the Ringside steak restaurant. Well, other than that all I did today was go to the gym and play Solitaire. I even got a call from work asking if I was bored enough to come back yet. HAH. I enjoy the boredom more than work! I started … Continue reading

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Now my other Mac is making noise.

I wish you could get parts for your laptop and fix them yourself. Maybe I can. I’ll see if the fan keeps making that horrible rattling noise. I accomplished almost nothing today. I left the house to have lunch with my mom, but otherwise I played with my PSP until my thumb joints hurt and played a lot of solitaire. I suppose I bought some stuff online, but that’s about it. I suppose I spent hundreds of dollars online shopping, but only a fraction of that was for Xmas presents. So, no, I guess I was still quite unsuccessful in doing anything besides BEING ON VACATION. I like vacation.

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Weak, weak performance.

I was unable to do much at the gym today. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s too much sleep. I was looking around to see if one of my favorite Xmas movies was going to be on TV, and I couldn’t find the 1951 version of Scrooge with Alastair Sim anywhere. I’ve heard you can get it for a pittance, but I bought it on Amazon so I can see it any time I feel like it. (Mainly in late December, mind you.) I was also tempted to buy It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Comfort and Joy but I restrained myself. I may have to buy Comfort … Continue reading

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Someone keep me off of ebay.

You’d think I could remember the rules of correct ebay-ing, but I can’t. I always think that I’m screwing up and often I am. I usually want SOMEONE ELSE TO WIN so I don’t have to buy the thing I just overbid, but then when they do I wonder why I’m such a loser. Right now I think I have a bid on a $250 plumbing tool that I already bought with, “buy it now.” I hope I don’t end up with two. On another note, I had to take my computer into the Apple Store because they dented the lid when they fixed it. I always make late 8PM … Continue reading

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Stupid swappy computer.

I’m not really sure what I did to annoy my Macintosh, but I used up all the memory in my MacBook Pro and it started swapping. In simple terms it means that whatever is in the computer’s memory that it doesn’t really need is written to the hard drive. When the computer decides it needs the things on the disk, it copies it back. Boy, is MacOS bad at swapping. I just spent 20 minutes waiting for it to stop. Some of the programs I’m using are probably to blame as well, but sheesh, 20 minutes waiting for the computer to start doing something I want it to do rather … Continue reading

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Leaving a party in the middle.

So I just left a party at 2AM. I quit drinking at about midnight (didn’t drink that much anyway) and I think it’s scheduled to go until 8AM. In any case, sound equipment started showing up at 1AM or so to supplement what was already set up in the basement. I saw some signs of illicit drug use and I can’t say it’s anything I haven’t seen in the past. Weird thing is that I’m more awake now than I was at work today. I had some mulled cider, so I should be sleepier, no? After being at that party I don’t feel like I’m missing anything there. Kind of … Continue reading

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