I have no time for blogging.

I’m way too busy writing fan mail to guys who write webcomics. I’m hoping I get invited to another party where I can play fanboy to the comic book writers. Woo!

So Monday and Tuesday I was hoping that I could punt work because it was snowy or icy, respectively, and tonight we’re supposed to have freezing rain somewhere in the metropolitan area. I’m guessing that doesn’t mean anywhere near where I am, and I’ll have to go in to work once again, to do things that other people have already done for no purpose other than I’ve been told to do it. I get paid quite well to do nothing much, but I’ve never been good at doing things that I think are stupid. I’m much better at it now, but still…

OK, back to my webcomics and time for bed. I’ll get up in time to see the news that the roads are clear all the way to Megacorp, where I can go do my job of moving my mouse. After all, the mouse isn’t going to move itself.

The punes.

Last night the news showed a picture of some poor guy had crashed through the barrier of the overpass near Megacorp because of icy roads. I was sure the roads would be so bad that I’d have to stay home. But when I got up the roads were fairly clear. I got to work but I felt pretty puny. Of course, I still had to keep working. And I’m getting advice from EVERYONE that I should sell myself more. Look, I think I’m doing nothing, so I’m going to tell just about everyone of that fact. That’s what I get for being me.

I got my computer back, with a tiny dent in the lid. Of course I noticed it. Sheesh. I asked them to call my cell phone when it was ready, but they left me a message at home instead. I went to the gym but I didn’t feel so good so I didn’t stay my usual two hours. I took my sweaty self to the Apple store instead. It’s making different weird noises now. Just my luck.

So confusing to lose my main computer.

It’s snowing here, which is horrid. Non-sticking snow is not a big deal, but what usually happens when it stick is that it melts during the day and freezes overnight. Just another reason to stay at home tomorrow.

I took my MacBook Pro in for repair (again) because the fans sound like they’re going out. That means I’m using a older, slower computer for now and it’s kind of slowing me down. It’s not like I do that much with the new computer, but I guess that I got used to the speed. Sheesh. Maybe I need a new hobby.

Am I supposed to feel rejuvenated?

So it was Thanksgiving weekend and the only items of note are Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s, dinner with the family at a Japanese restaurant, dropping off something at a friends’ house (I hadn’t seen them in years), and cleaning the gutters. There was a lot of computer solitaire played, football watched, and pr0n surfed, but that happens on a regular weekend. After 4+ days of this you’d think I’d feel ready to go back to work. I’d say, not so much.

Yet another different sort of spam.

I’m too old to have a myspace account, but yet, I do. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of messages on my account and they all just say, “THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DELETED.” That sort of figures.

I went to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and gorged myself. I didn’t even get to try everything out, since there were TWO kinds of pie and I was too full for the second. Good thing she gave me some to take home.

Of course my laptop isn’t making noise.

Fortunately, my laptop was making noise when I took it to the Apple store. They’re ordering the parts and it should be in for repair later this week.

Other than that I have nothing. I’m going to be mooching food off of my sister tomorrow, and maybe I can get my dad to go as well. He doesn’t like venturing out that much. I do have the story from him that I told on my sister’s blog:

when he was in “camp” they liked the fishing hooks that L. L. Bean sold. He ordered a dozen to give to his buddies (since they were in INTERNMENT CAMP and had nothing to do). L. L. Bean screwed up and gave him 12 dozen! He told me he didn’t mind buying things from L. L. Bean because he’s still paying them back.

Which reminds me, I need to order some more shirts.

All about MFL.

Today at the gym I decided (while trying to induce lactic acid poisoning) that it’s all about MFL. It’s sort of Dave the Trainer’s term, because he told me he got caught checking out a woman who spends an hour on the treadmill who looks like a librarian. My Favorite Librarian was in today and I’ve been caught checking her out as well. She’s too young for me, of course, and really she doesn’t look quite like any librarian I know, because most of the librarians I know have tattoos and could be baristas in any other town. (OK, so that’s only a few of the librarians I know, really, and most are much more  traditional. I won’t say normal, because tattoos are pretty common here.) We have a very good library system in Multnomah County and I’m sure it attracts its share of talent from the field.

Oh, and I had a rule that I would NOT HELP WITH SUPERBUZZY, but today I gave Timmy at the gym (and his hot trainer) Superbuzzy business cards so they could get whatever odd fabric my sister and her business partner Kelly are selling. So there. NO MORE HELP FOR SUPERBUZZY.

No longer TV-less.

I went to the evil Target today (evil according to Megan, I can’t remember why) and used my rain check for a $150 Trutech LCD TV. I wasn’t about to put up with a fuzzy $550 TV, but I can put up with a lot more for just $150. It’s not completely clear, but it’s fuzzy in a different way. It just looks like a bad TV signal with weird color, and not some weird computer-generated fuzz. It’s just TV, after all, and ONLY $150!

I got another pep talk at work today and was told that constant change is a good thing. Move around and rise to a level of incompetence. I don’t know if I agree this is good.

Get this, I added a guy who worked in a nearby group to some sort of acquaintance link on a website. LinkedIn or something like that. Apparently he doesn’t know me well enough to be a reference and rejected me as an acquaintance. Sheesh. He’s a manager who hires guys who are so abrasive that they were fired from Megacorp in the past, but he can’t say he even knows me on a stinking web site? What do you expect from a guy at Megacorp, I suppose.

I hope I have time in the next couple of days to send my MacBook Pro in for repair. The fan is making hideous noises. At least it’s the fan (I think) and not something else.

This page intentionally left blank.

I think I better get a new TV before the next big football day. It’s just easier that way.

I missed a couple of games because I didn’t feel like lying around all day (the only way to get a good view of the spare TV). Instead I went to my sister’s to install a new phone jack, and then to another Target to see if they have that cheap TV. Also, my horoscope said I’d be especially attractive today, so I thought I’d try it out on the teenage employees and toothless shoppers at Mall 205. It worked about as well as you’d expect.

Oh, it was a free communications e-Harmony weekend so I thought I’d answer some questions to see how it works. It’s like a huge annoying survey. IN THE PAST WEEK DID YOU SHOP FOR FISH? ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 5, HOW WOULD YOU RATE THE FISH YOU PURCHASED? WAS THE FISH PURCHASED AT CITGO? Etc. Anyway, I broke e-Harmony. (I wouldn’t bother clicking on the image. It’s big and boring.)

Eharmony java dump.

I suppose the only other interesting thing I did was getting a haircut and then trying to figure out the song on the Geico commercial (you know, “Remind Me” by Röyksopp).

Hair cut again.

The leg extension machine hurts my ear.

Dave the Trainer wondered what the hell I was talking about when I said the leg extension machine hurts my ear. Well, you sit on this seat and move these weights up and down that are next to you, and Dave always seems to set them to something I can barely do. So when I’m finished, I let the stack down fast and it makes a large noise that hurts my ear. Probably not that good for the machine, either.

And why is it that the unhappy girl is never at the gym any more?

Megacorp continues apace and I really need to extricate myself from my current situation. My job description changes daily, and fortunately it is more doable in todays incarnation, but it still isn’t what I signed up to do. It just sounds like they’re getting ready to get rid of us. I better get off my procrastination kick and finish writing a better account of my work history and abilities than I usually express. “Yeah, I did some stuff and then they made me a sysadmin,” probably won’t cut it.

Why can’t I go to sleep early?

I suppose there are plenty of things that I put off, like my bills and sorting my bills. Oh, and canceling subscriptions so I have to pay for another year of Amazon Prime. Or reading any subscription magazine (subscribing to something means that I’m not going to read it.) Or finishing my résumé.
I did take my TV back today. Now I have no TV near my computer but I have tons of recorded TV shows to catch up on. I’m finally caught up with House and The Unit, but I probably have a full season of Prison Break and Battlestar Galactica to watch. Oh, and I never watched any of The Closer or The Dead Zone this summer. Man, I’m really behind.

Oh, and here’s yet another bit of confusion from Megacorp (sorry the picture’s so fuzzy):


I better make this short.

I stayed up way too late watching Batman Returns because I bought a new LCD TV at Costco and wanted to confirm that the picture is too fuzzy to keep. I probably didn’t need to watch the whole movie, but I figured that I better make sure. It’s a $550 TV, after all.

Also, I was joking how they were changing my job every day at Megacorp and today they changed it twice. One of these days I may find out what I’m supposed to be doing.