OK, what sort of stream-of-consciousness comments am I getting now?

First let me tell you that I had SEVENTY-FIVE little terrorists come and demand candy. Not too bad, actually. They interrupted my viewing of the Steelers vs. the Ravens, but it’s kinda fun and annoying at the same time to wait for the bell to ring.

Well, I had to post this late because I was busy looking busy. I was told by my boss that he wants to know what I’m doing and what I’m going to be doing, WEEK BY WEEK for the rest of the year. Geez, I barely know what I’m doing for the next couple of weeks.

P.S. I forgot to push the “Save” button.

For people curious what a scam looks like.

This is the fake message I got on myspace.com:

Subject: Hello!
Hi 🙂 Just so you know, this account doesn’t belong to me…I’m borrowing a friend’s. I’m not to smart about computers, so I haven’t set up my own account. But my friend has been so lucky on here I just had to try it out! Your profile really stood out, so I decided to say hi. If I seem like your kind of girl at all, maybe you could take a chance and email me at kristen_jules552 at yahoo. Another friend said she would show me how to email pics, so I can send some of those along, too…

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you:)

So I sent the message:

I received a message from you on myspace.com, or so I think. Just checking to see if that’s not a mistake.

And I got the reply:

Hi ! Hey you found me! I was a little worried you
wouldn’t be able to 😛 so, how are you? I am ok.. Im
sneaking a email in at work before my boss comes in,
so sorry if it’s a little short! I promise to write
more later 🙂

So I promised you some pics huh? 😛 well I will have
to send you some of me when I get home (don’t have the
pics here at work). In the meantime you can check out
my personal homepage. It is kind of playground while I
am taking this intro to HTML class, kind of like my
blog page. Here is the link:
Its not much yet but its getting there. hehe

So tell me more about yourself, are you a work to live
or live to work kinda person? What are you looking for
in a girl? Do you like myspace? I think I will make a
profile soon, its free right? and you can add your own
HTML? That would be cool..

Anyways, enough with the 20 questions right? oh, I
prefer to chat on IM, its more personal you know? Do
you have AIM? im natkat224 on there, msg me sometime

Well I should log off and get some work done.. Write
back soon! and take care!

xoxo ~ Kristen

Doesn’t that sound odd? No details like “I’m in Portland” or “I like the Trailblazers” or anything. Googling for the username “natkat224” gave me one hit on the fark.com web site where, if you page down, you’ll see an EXACT copy of the email!

So, for those of you who said I should email her, thanks a boatload! 🙂

Thank goodness my parents don’t have a convenience store.

Actually, I don’t understand the episode of, “Without a Trace,” where the Korean daughter tries to get away from tradition and leaves while the son stays and gets so mad that he ends up killing her. For one thing, I know first-born Asian sons and sticking with the family is our lot in life. Second, I don’t know who’d be stupid enough to hit a Korean woman with a stick. You’d have to use a pipe or something. What if you just pissed her off? (I’m being silly here and shouldn’t make light of violence, but I have very good friends who are Korean and we all agree that Korean women frighten us.)

So, I had lamb and couscous at lunch today and it made my stomach hurt. I even bailed on the monthly ham radio meeting and took it easy instead. I mean, that’s probably the excitement of my week — or maybe my month — and I bailed. Heh.

OK, what’s the point of this?

I just got a web message on myspace.com from someone who said she was using her friend’s account. Well, the email address “she” gave me was invalid (I didn’t send her an email but I did check to see if the user existed on yahoo.) So what’s the point? Don’t women usually wait to be asked for their phone number or email address before they offer up fake contact information? Or am I getting so pathetic that they’re even giving up on trying to scam me out of money and they’re just sending me fake messages to taunt me?

I did it!

And before you think that IT is something exciting, you should know that all I did was bought the electric snake (or drain auger if you prefer) because I checked my Quicken files and noticed that I paid $175 to have Rescue Rooter come out and the electric snake was only $150 including shipping. I know I can rent one for $50 or so, but I usually need it at 10PM or on Sunday or some other inconvenient time. You know how it is.

I just figured it was time to start worrying about something I can actually do something about.

Oh, and have you ever had weird ideas pop into your head when you’re trying to get to sleep? I mean really weird ones, not like, “Did I turn the stove off?” or “Can I make it all night without peeing or should I go right now?” I saw the kickboxing instructor from the gym (who is very attractive and wiry) knocking the crap out of me. I have no idea where that came from, but I hope it never happens.


I got nothing.

I think the new tires I bought may or may not be giving me a better ride to work. See what I mean about having nothing?

Yesterday I got up and I was so tired that I took a nap and actually had clearer dreams than I usually do. I dreamt I was back at MIT and I was in gradual school. I was the TA for a class and I had no grasp of the subject matter. Heck, I never had any grasp of the subject matter when I was taking the classes there. I wish I had something more interesting.

I could tell you about following around an 89-year-old man making sure he’s OK, but that’s like having a kid almost. But it’s very Asian; a lot of people would have shoved him in a “home.” I think I need to remodel his bathroom soon, and by remodel I mean, “tear out the nasty stuff.” See? You really don’t want to know any more.

A day of disappointments.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I’ve had a couple of beers tonight. Generally, though, I’m a happy drunk, and an overly chatty drunk too. So when I’m feeling not so happy after a couple of beers, I know I’m really not so happy.

I got up early to go to a biannual ham radio swap meet about an hour and a half south of here. It was incredibly empty this year and there was nothing I wanted to buy. One of the main reasons we go is to talk to old friends, and we did get to do that. But there even seemed to be fewer people in general. I think it might be because of the fairly dense fog on the way.

On the way back we hit Harbor Freight and they had no electric snakes. I was wandering around and Greg asked if I had taken too much lithium, because I was walking around going, “Oh, look a left-handed blooble. Eh.” I mean, how thrilled can you get about cheap Chinese tools?

In the evening I was invited to the Portland State University vs. North Arizona University football game, but it wasn’t a football game. It was a football practice where a college team played a high school team. My team was winning, but it was so one-sided that Portland State put out the second- and third-string. The final score was 45 to 0, Portland State.

And finally, one of the guys in my peer group (dateless pathetic guys) has been “not dating” a woman since early this summer. We thought she was imaginary and it turns out that not-dating takes a lot of time whether she’s imaginary or not. Well, I finally met her today and she’s very attractive, but also looks kind of mean. I really could get over my jealousy and be happy for the guy except for the mean thing.

OK, I’m going to sleep now and maybe I’ll be happier in the morning.

A perfect day to work on a window.

It was chilly last night, but today was clear and almost 70°F, a perfect day for the contractors from the window company. I worked from home and the installers arrived at 8:00AM. There were two of them. One had been here before to check out the work site. The guy who hadn’t been here before told me, “Yep, that there is the ‘lectric wahr for your house. We cain’t work until you get that insulated.”

So that means after waiting a month for the guys to show up, they left after a half-hour and doing almost nothing. Now I have to wait for the power company to come insulate the drop to the house and that might take a week. Then I have to wait for rescheduling, and it usually is about a month later that the installers show up. I’m thinking of just putting some plywood over the thing and asking for my money back.

I must be a big wimp.

So I was back on friendster and all the women there seem mean. Back on match.com, all the women looked like they wanted a nice rich husband. Well, apparently you can go to one of those “adult dating” sites (where dating means something a bit naughtier) and they hire people to write fake emails to you until you actually join and find out that the site is full of fake pictures of women and a bunch of dumpy looking guys who might as well be hanging out with you on Friday night playing five-year-old video games on your networked computers and then watching anime with images of hot cartoon women. What I’m basically trying to say here is that if I joined that site, I could increase my fantasy life by getting fake emails that told me that women were interested in me. Until I joined, of course, and then I’d be with all the pudgy dudes smelling like sour milk or something.

So my boss at megacorp seems a bit stressed lately. I don’t think all the projects are working out and often poo rolls uphill there. Well, I better get on the ball and show some results, ’cause that’s what they like. I’m glad the results don’t include finding someone to date, because there ain’t nothing going on there. Maybe I should take my friend’s mom’s advice and start looking under rocks. 🙂

And here’s the drill pr0n for the night.

Crazy sexy fun.

OK, so I’m a 41-year-old software dude living at home with his parents. I’m up too late on a school night and so what sort of crazy sexy fun could I be having? Well, I went to the gym and I think I said hello to some cute women, but the real fun started after I got home and took a shower, fully intending to go straight to bed. THE DRAIN PLUGGED UP. And you can imagine how much fun it is to snake a drain using a flimsy manual snake bought at a local hardware store. It’s fine for snaking out short things like the trap under a sink, but going all the way down the convoluted bathtub drain? It took me about 45 minutes of snaking. (You notice I use the word snake a lot as a verb and a noun. I don’t know what else the item and its usage is called.)

I’m thinking of shelling out the money for a real snake with an electric motor. I can only find one on Amazon and they’re like $250US. I wonder if I can find a used one somewhere.

OK enough about my plumbing. Did I mention a guy spit on my car today? I usually never have to spit. Only when I accidentally swallow bugs do I need to spit. This guy rolled down his van window and spit directly onto my windshield on the freeway. He probably had no idea he did it. Sometimes guys spit on me when I’m walking downtown too. What is up with white people and spitting?

And just to end on a different note, here’s a picture an online acquaintance sent me of her new future kitten. (Note that I never asked her if I could post it, so I’m effectively STEALING the picture.)


I must smell bad.

I was a half-block from the gym when my phone rang. I thought it was my sister and was about to say, “What do you want?” when I noticed it wasn’t her phone number. Well, it was my trainer. Last Friday we were going to find out last-minute whether he was free, and it turns out he wasn’t. So he told me to show up Tuesday (today). He forgot to write it down. He did tell me he was waiting for some contractors to show up to discuss work on his girlfriend’s deck, so I can understand how he was distracted last Friday, but everyone has been cancelling on everything lately.

Oh, I updated my friendster profile. It’s along the lines of what I write here, so nothing new.

Oh, and eight glasses of water a day my ass. I just about died in my six hour megacorp corporate rah-rah training today, and I only had two drinks. OK, so one was a double-sized cup of coffee and the other was a 20oz Diet Coke, but still. If I had drank the 8 glasses of water, I would have burst.