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The curse of breaking chain mail.

I used to get really mad when people sent me chain mail. Especially the kind that said horrible things would happen to me if I didn’t pass it on. Basically, my “friends” are threatening me, and telling me to threaten my friends. Well, my friends are my friends and if I have to take the figurative bullet, I will. Anyway, I always break chain letters and I’m often cursed. The latest is this music meme thing. I’m supposed to pass it to three people I know, probably three people who have blogs. Well, I only know three people with blogs and that’s where the meme came from. Back to my … Continue reading

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Do they expect me to pour my pesticides down the sink?

I cleaned out the laundry room and headed to the Waste Transfer Station (where I used to work) to get rid of all the Household Hazardous Waste. They weren’t open! Well, the guy told me 7AM-4PM Mon-Fri was my only chance. What do they expect me to do to get rid of this stuff? I’ll call them tomorrow to see what the party line is. And no, I don’t plan to pour it down the sink. Other than that, I spent most of the day wishing there were football games on. You know how that is. I saw The Replacements which was a whole lot better than I was expecting. … Continue reading

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You’d think I could get my daily recommended allowance of cheesy techno.

I watched Mortal Kombat Annihilation and, of course, it was bad. But even worse, there wasn’t enough cheesy techno nor enough cartoonish fighting. What is the world coming to? I had to help my old Explorer Post Advisor with his computer (a hopeless P90 with 32MB of RAM) and his radio controller. I think we convinced him to head to Fry’s and buy a $500 Compaq instead of dorking with the old, nasty P90. Anyway, it kept me from sitting around and watching the washing machine work. But I think so far, so good. I guess I’m supposed to answer some questions. THE MUSIC MEME 1. Total amount of music … Continue reading

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Sorta finished.

OK, so the shelf is cut out, the washer and dryer were delivered, and I WASHED MY COMFORTER. My ma decided to get in on the fun and we washed her comforter as well. I still think I need to level the washer properly. I couldn’t sleep until I leveled the washer. Do you realize they send you a DVD with the thing describing how to operate it? OK, tired. That’s about all I can think of now.

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Still no progress on the room.

I need to cut the bottom shelf off some cabinets, rewire a plug, and clear out some crap out of the laundry room before the guys get here tomorrow to deliver the washer and dryer! And it better frigging fit after all this mess I’ve gone through. Since I’m obsessed with the laundry room, I have little else to talk about, except maybe that the pharmacy has a new TECHNICIAN working there. The name tags say: PHARMACIST TECHNICIAN TECHNICIAN Clerk Note that the clerk has lowercase letters on his badge. They don’t have their names on the badges for some reason, but I figured out everybody’s name already. Heck, there’s … Continue reading

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Well, the door looks nice as far as I can tell.

I saw it from the inside, but then my mom told me she was itchy and she was breaking out in hives! I called the advice nurse and was about to take her to the hospital, but they said as long as she can breathe we didn’t have to go to the emergency room. Fortunately, I noticed we were out of Benadryl last night and bought some at the pharmacy near work. It doesn’t hurt that the pharmacy tech is cute, but really I was mainly thinking about my mom. 🙂 So sometime before the guys come with the washer/dryer on Friday, I have to cut out some shelves and … Continue reading

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World destruction.

This is a world destruction, your life ain’t nothing. The human race is becoming a disgrace. Whoops. Had another old song stuck in my head. The guy from Doorworks came and put in a really nice door, but of course all the pounding dislodged some sort of THING my dad had on a shelf. It fell on the new toaster oven my sister bought my mom for Xmas and dented it. The pounding also broke the bulb in the light fixture, and the bottom of the bulb was stuck in the socket because of corrosion. I had to buy a new light fixture, $42 worth of insulation (because that’s the … Continue reading

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Destroying my computer.

Last night I was up late destroying my computer (the fast one I have around just so I can play around destroying it). And today, I just got back from work. I can’t say I was working hard the whole time, but it was release day and we all had to be there in case we had to fix something. Sorta like how you want firemen sitting around playing cards or whatever just in case you need them. (Not comparing my work to firefighting, but you get the idea.) Anyway tomorrow (today, in reality) we get the new door put in. I went to Sears yesterday and the fancy washer/dryer … Continue reading

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The washer/dryer keeps taunting me.

I spent several hours today moving the electrical wiring around and bought a lock for the new door that is scheduled to go in on Tuesday. The wiring certainly isn’t up to modern standards, but I figure it’s good enough for now. I bled on it enough that it should be OK. I figured it was time to reschedule the delivery so I called Sears and found out that they didn’t just cancel the delivery, but they actually cancelled the order and credited my Sears MasterCard account. So now I have to go back and buy the washer and dryer AGAIN.

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Got little to say, ’cause it’s LATE.

I was just putting songs into the thingy for my iPod mini and it’s past my bedtime.I got tired of listening to NPR shows from last week, all chopped up because the RadioShark software is kind of ass, so I’m filling up the mini with non-full-albums. I’ll be all set and you know that “Oh, Sherrie” is on the new mini!

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My cranky sister gave me an iPod mini!

Silver, the gayest of the colors, too! (OK, so I really have no sense as to which color would be gayest, and I’m not using gay as in “bad” but gay as in stylish and expensive and perhaps a little bit, hmmm, festive?) She gave me the one she finally got from Free iPods. We already bought her one for Xmas, since we were so tired of listening to her kvetch about signing up for her free iPod (we includes Carolyn and Megan and my ma and pa). Come to think of it, I don’t think my ma and pa paid me back for their share of Mariko’s iPod mini… … Continue reading

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Why I want the Mac mini.

Well, because I want all geeky computer things. The new mini “only” has a G4 rather than a G5 chip, but the faster one is also ONE THOUSAND MILLION Hertz faster than my regular desktop Mac. Not that it means all that much, but geez. And then I could use it with my current display and I could play DVDs and I’d get iLife and I’d have Marble Blast for my mom, and etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Oh, well. I should make do with the computer I have unless, of course, this new Mac has a headphone plug… (ooh, it does). Hell, I don’t have a girlfriend. I can … Continue reading

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