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Saw Lost in Translation.

Well, it was about two-thousand dollars cheaper than going to Japan. I heard from my friend that it is disrespectful to Japanese people, but I didn’t see that. What annoyed me most is how young Scarlett Johansson looked. According to the story, she was supposed to have graduated from Yale two years beforehand, but to me she looked like a little kid who had no place in the bars she was in. IMDB revealed her age to be 18. I think it was another case of poor casting, like Elisha Cuthbert in 24. When Elisha Cuthbert was cast on 24 as a teenager, she was only 18 but looked older … Continue reading

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There’s always the question about what I’m doing.

I can’t believe I actually filled up my hard drive with all my ripped CDs. At the moment I’m re-ripping them with AAC because my time’s worth less than the cost of a new hard drive in my laptop. I suppose I could always buy the iPod I said I’d buy myself for my graduation present, but as I said before, no job and no rich girlfriend mean no iPod. Most of the entry level jobs I’m looking at are really entry level and don’t require any degree. For that reason, they figure I’m just throwing in my résumé for no reason and they don’t respond. I got one response … Continue reading


Nightmares r us.

I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes. After initially falling asleep, I’ll immediately have some odd dreams and wake up. Often the dreams go awry and I’m in some nightmare that isn’t frightening from any rational standpoint, but does wake me up and keep me from falling asleep for a while. It was worse when I was in high school. I’d have a recurring dream where there was a bright light outside my room, and I’d know it was some sort of UFO. And I couldn’t wake up right away. I’d keep dreaming that I woke up but still be in another level of the dream, with the UFO still … Continue reading

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All day I think of things to write and when I see this blank screen…

Nothing. But it was a bee-yoo-tee-ful day here in Portland today. I spent most of the day chasing compilation errors in some computer programs, mainly net-snmp in Fink. I suppose we all need our hobbies. Yesterday I went to the funeral of a friend’s mom. I’ve known him and his family for more than thirty years. Maybe because it was a parent instead of a peer, there was a sense of distance to the whole affair. Since many of the people attending were Mormon, they seemed to think she was in a better place, a place I don’t understand at all. It was good to see the family doing so … Continue reading

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Aurora My Ass.

My buddy Il and I went out to a dark area on Sauvies Island, just north of Portland to try and see the Aurora Borealis. What we saw were a lot of stars and some headlights. Not much else. We kind of gave up after discussing our mutual disappointment in viewing the Leonid meteor shower and most comets. Hyakutake kicked ass but, I’m sorry, the rest of them were lame. Il usually tries to get me to see some naked women on our travels, which is quite easy since Portland is supposed to have more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the US. But tonight he decided … Continue reading

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Wow. I’m really so uncool.

My friend Craig had a spare ticket to this year’s Warren Miller film, Launch so I went with him and his cool skiing buddies. Watching all the traveling, skiing, and snow boarding, all I could think is, “Man, I’m boring.” Plus, I missed watching the Marlins beat the Yankees. Funny thing is, I just wrote a man page for the MacOS X program launch. Double geeky. Triple geeky: I’m sure I’m going down to the local Macintosh store to buy the newest expensive upgrade to MacOS X tomorrow at 8PM, release time. I am really missing some CDs. At least two Pet Shop Boys CDs, Journey’s Greatest Hits, and probably … Continue reading

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Now what am I doing?

So I can go on about the jobs I searched for, and how lucky I am to find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but I’m in Day 2 of being a dutiful Asian son while my ma is in Japan, and I’m trying to keep my dad from driving me completely nuts. I took him out to lunch and to a bakery. He loves buying pastries, but he usually doesn’t eat them. My mom usually uses me as a human garbage can to get rid of them. In any case, I was asking him what he wanted for dinner, hoping that I could avoid cooking and also find something I could take out … Continue reading


My ma is probably in Japan by now.

We took my mom to the airport this morning, a place I’ve grown to dread. They swabbed the inside of her suitcase, but didn’t require the full-on x-ray scan (or whatever they do when the stick your suitcase in the front-loading washing machine in the lobby.) We left her to manage the security checkpoint on her own after seeing a line that rivalled the one leading to Space Mountain in Disneyland. This evening my dad has been wandering around lost, but I was ignoring him and trying to watch the Marlins beat the hated Yankees. That wasn’t to be. I ended up driving to Popeye’s Chicken to get him the … Continue reading


My ma is going to Japan tomorrow.

There’s a good chance that my father and I will drive each other nuts before my sister arrives on Saturday. And what did I do today? Played with my computer, looked for nonexistent job postings, etc. In other words, nothing much. I suppose the biggest event was trying to find my digital camera to take my dad’s picture. I suppose I should set some goals. I can volunteer like I did when I was unemployed before. I’ve spent hundreds of hours sorting forms, changing linens, watching patient’s children, copying prescriptions, and — this is key in hospital volunteer jobs — folding and stapling. At one emergency financial service, I double-checked … Continue reading

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“Welcome to the Dollhouse” is an cruel movie.

I suppose I just don’t “get it.” The only part I thought was funny was when the little sister disappeared, but that didn’t last. It was all very cruel and unfunny to me. Sort of like how “Citizens Against The Government Takeover,” (of the local electric utility) is mostly funded by Enron and PGE. Sort of like how Rush Limbaugh, who said we should jail white drug abusers, is a white drug abuser. Sort of like how there are no weapons of mass destruction. Actually, the movie was nothing of the sort. The movie was just mean and made me glad I’m no longer in Junior High School. In running … Continue reading

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I hope that I’m not getting migranes.

My headaches lately have been making me sick to my stomach. That’s only one of three problems on the list according to Men’s Health Magazine: In the past 3 months have headaches limited your activities? Does headache pain make you sick to your stomach? Does light bother you? Yes to two are supposed to be bad. And last night I had a headache that made me sick to my stomach and kept me from eating dinner. A trifecta. That ain’t good. I just hope my friend Megan is feeling better than that during her chemo. I was feeling worse than miserable. Earlier in the day I went running and almost … Continue reading

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Double crap. The Yankees won.

And both teams I was rooting for lost their division title games. Well, I feel like doo-doo, so that’s all I’m going to say right now.

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